Friday, March 18, 2011

Miracle Hair Oil Kuwait -Review

Wow can't believe it's weekend :)

Why I miss weekend? Because mashalah it's been almost more than a month with a weekly weddings parties and receptions , alaah yzeed o ybarek

2011 mashalah full variety of actions ;)

What I miss is , my weekly hair treatment from Miracle oil , I posted before about it and i promised to let you know my feedback .

Link to my post

Attention , the feed back is based on my personal experience , it may work with you or not ( I know it will ) ;)

I started to use the oil in regular bases every weekend , once a week . I applied it at night , and slept while it still on my hair . No bad smell so you don't have to worry about destroying your pillow cases .

To be honest and I have to say that again , it's my own personal experience and opinion , I noticed a huge difference regarding the amount of tha falling hair , from the 3rd time , almost 70% from the problem have been solved .

After a month , my hair is back to normal , no more locks of hair covering my body in the shower , no more hair in my comb .

Now I can say my hair is back to act like a good boy ;) yah my hair is my baby

Regarding the length of the hair , I cant judge because i have fast growing hair naturally , and I was not facing any problems for lengthen the hair .

I mentioned on my previous post , that the price is kind of expensive , I have to take my words back , it's worth it , really worth it . After learning the tips from Mircle hair tweets on applying the oil. I promised you ,that small bottle my last months if u r using it once a week .

Now am back , my hair looks faboules mashalah , I can't post a pic because I am mt7jba , but girls if you wanna take look , why don't you invite me 3la dinner party :p loool kidding

Yalah time to go , see u wish u happy weekends with perfect long healthy hair

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Hope said...

Slaam =]
thank you for sharing ur experience with us
now that I've read ur review, I think I'm gonna buy this oil cuz my beloved hair started to fall wayed wayed =[ in a way that is scaring me, I've never worried about this but now it's started to affect it's volume, by the way did your hair volume go back to the way it was b4 it started falling ?
the one thing I love abt myself is my hair fa 5l atla7ag 3omri gabel la y5tereb

Anonymous said...

Happy for you ilfal lee enshalah I want my hair back too, t76een bs 2 teaspoons 3al roots o ends mthl ma ohwa maktub wela akthaar? O t76een 3la sha3rch kela?

Anonymous said...

I heard about this treatment and wanted to hear someone's feedback thanks u convinced me in getting some :D