Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hidden Worlds

I have to confront all of you about that secret. "The Hidden Worlds”,   Those  furtive worlds are similar to the world hidden in the wardrobe at the fantasy story “Narnia”, but the worlds I am going to introduce to you are different, they are “Real”.

I have never told anyone about my discovery except JJ, but now the secret have been revealed after one of his friends told him , that he is experiencing the discovery of the Hidden worlds.

Most people are aware of the existence of those magical spheres  , but no one is brave enough to admit that they have an encounter with these places . Married guys are luckily involved more than singles.

So are you ready (I bet most of you will not read my blog again: P )

World No 1  (as I mentioned they r more than one world) is the most important, and the most common: 

“The World of Socks “!!


E7m e7m, yes it is true “Socks”, in Arabic جورب

In Kuwaiti accent (3alam al dlaghat)

Or that what I called it when jj`s socks disappeared., day after day, a new pair of socks vanished, just like magic.

I am the one who do the laundry, yes 3ad sometimes I am good housewife: P

So when he noticed that his socks are gone , he got mad on me and asked about them.

My replay: hmm madree yamkin ra7aw 3alam el dlghat!!!( they might left to the Socks world ? )

He he laughed and never asked again , because all a sudden I found them lying there in the basket : )

Usually I talk to them :P halaa walah welcome back ;)

That`s it , the story of the hidden worlds . his friends are facing the same situations 2  , ya3ne it is real ;) and yah there are other worlds ( mkssar World , white shirt world ……..etc )


The morals in that situation

So girls , I am not an expert in relationships or ga3da atfalsaf , I am telling you my own experience (the main reason I created this blog ) .if your man (husband , lover , father , brother , friend ) asks you about something and you know that it is your responsibility , just turn the situation into a funny , and fantasy story . And be creative ;)


AMA Traveler said...

LOOL abi arooo7 world of socks ! khl ensawi movie !!! I love I loooove to imagine ...dear yallah keeep it up I want more worlds to come :P

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