Saturday, March 26, 2011

From my life : what after the storm ?

A new day , after the storm. Yesterday was hilarious , I was imagining if we don't have any Internet or mobiles networks !! Poor people who lived before that , they r really strong to survive in such conditions .

The place is full of silky soft dust , which I hate so much , I am a desperate housewife , I don't know what to do regarding anything related to domestic consumption work .

I may cry while I wipe , or wash a dish , I became a monster

So I am thinking today not to act like that . JJ on the other side knows how to deal with me and with my bad mood swings . He is adorable , so he asked me to wait the maids will do everything but not today

Never mind , i must be ashamed of my self and start learning some house keeping skills .

I was thinking , why don't we design our houses to be protected from dust storms ? These must be something , a special design . I should keep it in mind when I work on my house's plan

I am anxious , I have that feeling inside that I feel worried all the time !

Maybe because that countdown started !!

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