Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dubai experts

I need help please ,

Best romantic fine diners in Dubai ??

Moreover fashionistas , I need some suggestions

I am updating my wardrobe , ill get new clothes of course, I love this season's trends . I need a new bag , so tell me what do u have in mind ?

I am in love with Jimmy Choo ROSABEL from the 24/7 collection


It's to big for me :( cuz I am shorty .

I don't know , any ideas ?

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Anonymous said...

the romantic place in dubai is armani hotel its realy woooow

Unknown said...

my fav 2011 bag is definitely celine but it's too heavy

mimi said...

Jumeirah hotel has 2 resturants that are amaazing but you need to make a reservation you can never just go and enter you have to call ahead
also you can never go wrong with Dubai mall's Armani Cafe i know it's a cafe but a must go to
Finally,Burj al 3arab is kinda getting old for me but you can try it out if you've never been there

as for shopping .. don't waste your time with other malls if you're going for a short time just wear COMFORTABLE shoes and spend 2-3 days in Dubai mall shopping til you drop

i'm in love with Burberry's studded bag collection check them out maybe you'll like them ?

NewQ8 Bride said...

Anony : Yes , i heard of it , there are lots of recommendations for it . thanks .

Samaher Tariq : Thank u dear , i have to check it ;) i don`t mind pain for the sake of fashion ;)

mimi: do you know ?? i am so lucky that an amazing girl just like you reading my blog :*

thanks alot , i will contact Jumeirah hotel to book a table .

about the shopping am stying next to dubai mall so i will take your advice , shop till i drop ;) . thanks again dear

mimi said...

Awww it's so sweet of you to say thaaaat u r such a sweetheart :***
it's my pleasure becuz galbech 6ayeb w kalamamech always comes from the heart
Tro7en w treden belsalama w allah yhaneekom enshala :) have fun shopping ;)

Anonymous said...


noora said...

dont miss a place called the social house, best place to have brkfast in
its in the basement of dubai mall

u also gotta go to dubai mall VIP cinema, a whole different experience! they call it cinema suite chena

shopping wise, I only do dubai mall bs! dont attempt to visit the outlet mall! EPIC FAIL

o allah ehanech ;*