Friday, March 25, 2011

can headaches predict sandstorms ?

thanks God no dust inside my place except the kitchen , which i don`t use that much :P

i was thinking about an idea , maybe you will think it is crazy , jj has allergy , so i am experiencing those days with him when he got tired and had a strong headache that may delay our plans , and noticed that after the headache the weather will be dusty the next day !!!

walah 9ij don't make fun of me , last night he did .

So any one experiencing the same thing ?? hmm and should i predict the weather by him ;)

maybe i will create a service called " jj , dusty way :P "

Today was full of feelings and emotions , , thanks god i was home , which is something strange :P most of my friends were shocked :P

alaah yr7mna br7mtaa enshalah

i hope all of you are safe :)


Unknown said...

i have the same issue i call my nose sensors
depends to weather it's rain or dust we're facing the next day i send texts alerts to everyone

NewQ8 Bride said...

Wooow that means I have to star that service ;)