Thursday, February 24, 2011

With love to Kuwait from far far away

My love and prayers to you , My home , My beloved country


No reason will ever makes me think to do what others are doing to their countries ,Because you are the reason of who i am now

Greetings from kuredu Island (Maldives )

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AMA Traveler said...

I miss u so much !!! Intw eshlon t7amltw when I was away for a month :p really missss u bs want u to enjoy ur time ;) o allah e3oood 3leena afra7 deratna bl9e7ah o el3afiaya raab ;* and please get the best of the tan :p

Anonymous said...

plzzzzz lamn etreden bel salama enshalah we want ahaul review on ur island , hotel and everything :*

Unknown said...

Have fun! Just yesterday I was thinking wainich men zeman ma sheftich on twitter t3alqeen ;p .. Take care!

r.alsharif said...

Have fun!!! :D

Sn3a said...

ma sha Allah
3alaaaich eb ALF 3aafya
wetredeen bel salama yaaaa rb

Slaytar said...

Bil salama inshalla enjoy

Toomzie said...

enjoy maldives! ;)

Bint ilKuwait said...

woooooooooow ilmanther muuuu 9iiiiiiij!!:(((( 3alaikum bil3afyaaaa;*** enjoy ur time;**