Saturday, February 12, 2011

Technology may add Sparkles to your Love !

There is no such thing called the perfect marriage , nor the perfect partner in life . Every couple may face some set of problems that may change the path of the relationship

In my opinion,I think technology is playing an important role solving some of These issues .

Loss of intimacy is one of most marriage problems couples may encounter , it may turn a loving relationship into a desperate one . How technology is helping ?

For example , playing xbox ,wii and playstation together is helping to get attached , they can play as a team , so every time they complete a stage or win a game they may hug each other ;) but it will be the opposite if they loose :p 3ade they fight :p

Moreover , instead of using the laptop , they can use an iPad watching YouTube videos , checking e-mails , reading blogs while sitting next to each other on the same couch , or even in bed ,and they must be so close so both of them can watch the screen clearly . This also can solve the communication gap between married couples , I heard lots of women complaining about poor communication issues with their men ,so such a kind of act may help . He will come back home early only to enjoy that hour or more surfing the web or watching and reading whatever is there online with her while she is laying her head on his chest .

There are other creative ways can strengthen any relationship by technology . Everything can be used both ways , negative or positive , it depends on both you :) let me know what do think

yalaah guys , get her an iPad , and girls go look for his favorite video game :)

Again this my own point of view :) you can agree or not :)

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SandyBelle_Q8 said...

it's better for couples to share doing some activities together, even if one is not THAT into this activity. for the sake of quality time. Like what I do with hubby. Once we spend the afternoon in shwaikh checking whats new in Car releases! though I'm not THAT into Cars. other time we spend the afternoon in LV boutique choosing a bag with matching wallet. though He HATES SHOPPING.

Unknown said...

Ed3eeli I find a gamer! ;p

Bint ilKuwait said...


Anonymous said...

I sometimes think that technology makes us lose the intimacy, thats why I would never have a tv set in the bedroom...but I do agree that playing games whether as a team or playing against each other...helps strengthen the ties and makes a relationship less stressful ...enjoy ur time with ur husband :)

AMA Traveler said...

I completely agree with U ! I feel it workd even with friends :) last weekend I played a game called Kinect if I wasn't miskten :) with my best friend and we had a great time u know

Ra-1 said...

I like it when he send me a song or anything by email, also when we watch videos on youtube together at home :)
Video games sounds like fun, we should get an xbox or a wii soon ;)

Anonymous said...

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