Monday, February 14, 2011

GaGa u rock

She arrived to the Grammy inside an egg !

I know so weird but what I like about her that she don't care what others will say about her ! :( I wish i could be like that , I got offended so easily , specially regarding my look , it is my weak point , just tell me : what's wrong with your hair ! Or u look fat !! And I can spend hours crying

I am so desperate tonight , someone too close to me point out that I look lik ( one of the nationalities that have a style which we consider in Kuwait halaga )

I was shocked !! I know that I look perfect yes perfect , I left the house thanking god how amazing I am .

Dear person I know you may read that , but didn't expect that from u
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Bint ilKuwait said...

7abeebtii..suwa'an ur perfect or not etha btamsheen 3ala kalam ilnas mara7 etkhalseeen wallah! do whatever satisfies u and makes u happy! ektheha min ur blog sis:D

Anonymous said...

للاسف الحريم عندنا لى يومج ماتعلموا شلون يحترمون غيرهم دفشين
ولازم تصيرين مثلهم ولا ما تمشين ويقلبون حياتج كابوس وحجاب بو تفخة أكبر دل على التقليد البايخ الى اهمة يبونة

أهم أكبر هيلق لانهم ماعاشوا مثل حريم العالم كل وحدة تستمتع شلون تطلع ستايلها الخاص حتى لو ماعجب الناس يحترمونها لان فى شى أسمة ذوق

جاجا أكرها /

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

uhhh That happens with me too. what I do is but in my mind that the person who wrongly commented me with something not exactly my type or "halaga" sees it as not halaga or look up to it !
ya3ni marra wa7da told me ( u look alot as a9alaa!!) I hatted her comment cuz I dont look like a9ala la mn greeb wala b3eed! o ma a7ibhaa :/ bs ehya might see a9ala as a bueaty!! which makes me reverse the bad feelings she gave me ... :P aham shay mayhezzek ree7 o be confident to the maximum :)

r.alsharif said...

You really shouldn't care what people say, dam inich wath8a ib niafsich malich shi'3il ba7ad, ba3dain the beauty in life is the fact that everyone has different taste, otherwise we'd all look like clones!