Friday, February 11, 2011

Celebrate with Felt Crafts

The countdown has started , I am so busy with work , intending to complete the entire  preparations for the national and liberation's day . I hope enshalah everything will be fine as I imagined , o enshalah no one will reprimands us in defective way !! no one understands how complicated to formulate for an appropriate event without a decent budget !! so I am trying my best enshalah .

Enough talking about work , let me introduce you to the splendid stuff , with all that wave of girls selling cupcakes , cookies ,scarves and designing clothes . we miss the real handmade , simple and elegant design that shows how talented they are , most of these girls have their own tailor or whoever doing the job for them ,  but there must be an exception .

 Felt Crafts "completely handmade cute felt stuff for personal used and multiple occasions" by a lovely Kuwaiti mother . she has been there for a while , now she is making these amazing designs for the celebrations . 

 if you didn`t get your National day shirts yet , don't hesitate to to check their Felt Crafts. facebook page >


LadyB_Q8 said...

Looks nice, best of luck to her ;)

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r.alsharif said...

Allah y3eenich