Thursday, February 24, 2011

With love to Kuwait from far far away

My love and prayers to you , My home , My beloved country


No reason will ever makes me think to do what others are doing to their countries ,Because you are the reason of who i am now

Greetings from kuredu Island (Maldives )

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello :) from new Bride & JJ

Where do you you think newbride is going to celebrate Kuwait 's national and liberation day ;) just wait for my post :) friends don't tell !!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A lovely Rose from Wataniya

Wataniya you are amazing :) just found these lovely roses over my car's windows :) great idea Wataniya u did it ;)

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Monday, February 14, 2011

GaGa u rock

She arrived to the Grammy inside an egg !

I know so weird but what I like about her that she don't care what others will say about her ! :( I wish i could be like that , I got offended so easily , specially regarding my look , it is my weak point , just tell me : what's wrong with your hair ! Or u look fat !! And I can spend hours crying

I am so desperate tonight , someone too close to me point out that I look lik ( one of the nationalities that have a style which we consider in Kuwait halaga )

I was shocked !! I know that I look perfect yes perfect , I left the house thanking god how amazing I am .

Dear person I know you may read that , but didn't expect that from u
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

That's me , take it or leave it

I am a proud woman , I know what i am , i know how amazing I look , if anyone hates me , or thinks i am not good enough , just look at yourself , if u r perfect , just let me know . Or try to look for the one u think Is good for you .

Again just remember .........

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Technology may add Sparkles to your Love !

There is no such thing called the perfect marriage , nor the perfect partner in life . Every couple may face some set of problems that may change the path of the relationship

In my opinion,I think technology is playing an important role solving some of These issues .

Loss of intimacy is one of most marriage problems couples may encounter , it may turn a loving relationship into a desperate one . How technology is helping ?

For example , playing xbox ,wii and playstation together is helping to get attached , they can play as a team , so every time they complete a stage or win a game they may hug each other ;) but it will be the opposite if they loose :p 3ade they fight :p

Moreover , instead of using the laptop , they can use an iPad watching YouTube videos , checking e-mails , reading blogs while sitting next to each other on the same couch , or even in bed ,and they must be so close so both of them can watch the screen clearly . This also can solve the communication gap between married couples , I heard lots of women complaining about poor communication issues with their men ,so such a kind of act may help . He will come back home early only to enjoy that hour or more surfing the web or watching and reading whatever is there online with her while she is laying her head on his chest .

There are other creative ways can strengthen any relationship by technology . Everything can be used both ways , negative or positive , it depends on both you :) let me know what do think

yalaah guys , get her an iPad , and girls go look for his favorite video game :)

Again this my own point of view :) you can agree or not :)

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Celebrate with Felt Crafts

The countdown has started , I am so busy with work , intending to complete the entire  preparations for the national and liberation's day . I hope enshalah everything will be fine as I imagined , o enshalah no one will reprimands us in defective way !! no one understands how complicated to formulate for an appropriate event without a decent budget !! so I am trying my best enshalah .

Enough talking about work , let me introduce you to the splendid stuff , with all that wave of girls selling cupcakes , cookies ,scarves and designing clothes . we miss the real handmade , simple and elegant design that shows how talented they are , most of these girls have their own tailor or whoever doing the job for them ,  but there must be an exception .

 Felt Crafts "completely handmade cute felt stuff for personal used and multiple occasions" by a lovely Kuwaiti mother . she has been there for a while , now she is making these amazing designs for the celebrations . 

 if you didn`t get your National day shirts yet , don't hesitate to to check their Felt Crafts. facebook page >

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't read if u r n a good mood

It 3:26 a.m , am so tired, confused and I can't sleep

I feel lost , I don't know what should I do ??

I need a break asap

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Best shopping with Sheeel & Taw9eel

Here is my first photoshot using my new camera Casio Exilm I just got from

besides you can see the 10K.D ipod ;) what a deal

by the way am not following the photographing trend going around , seriously i don't a have a camera :P i wish you all the best , i am not going to advertise about you since you are already there , you reached your goal mashalah

i know there are some delivery delays issues because they just launched nevertheless they are so patience with nagging costumers :P thank u

at the end i have to thank Taw9eel`s guy on twitter i think that he ebtlaash feene

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Magic of Almusallam

Who said Kuwaiti guys not talented ??

Meet an impressive young man , Ahmed Almusallam , A guy who like practicing magic , yeeeh Magic . I know that it's been awhile Kuwaitis started to have some unique hobbies such as doing some magic tricks

I don't know him in person , but we know one another in twitter , an amazing, polite Kuwaiti with a lot to give on the entertainment field .

Must check his facebook page

and blog

I will say no more just watch some of his tricks

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Thursday, February 03, 2011


Am not posting these days , and I feel
bad cuz I promised some friends that I am going to make posts related to them but really am so busy preparing for the national and liberation day's celebrations

So wait for my new posts and friends forgive me :)

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