Monday, January 24, 2011

You had a fight? CongratulationS

My new policy in 2011 is to turn every bad incident into a happy one

So i I'll share some of my experience

If you had a fight with your man ( the Kuwaiti man ) be happy , there are many advantages you may get :

1- if you r just like me , always late to work ,don't worry on the night of the argument you will sleep early because you don't want to share the living room with him so wear your pajama and jump into your bed ;)

2- he will never come to you so if you are sleepy , enjoy a relaxing , no- snoring sleep

3- if it's to early to you to fall a sleep , never mind , be sure the iPad is with you so you can spend hours without feeling bored , tweet , make a post (that's what i am doing ) ;) , enjoy your online shopping .moreover you can read , watch a movie etc.......

4- it's an excellent method to lose wight ? How ? You don't have to join him for dinner !!! :p or think about food at all

5- it's the perfect time for meditation , trust me he will never come to you :p so you will enjoy the silence

So girls free your imagination and let me know what other ideas you have in mind ( also couples who r in love, girl you will eliminate the risk of mobile phones to harm you by switching off your mobile )

Yah we r the women of 2011 ;)

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AMA Traveler said...

Silence is the best LOL...I love the policy I'm gonna do it , turn everything bad into good ! no on well mess up my life this year or ever! Cheers 2011 lol

Anonymous said...

Or you can do some DIY crafts ;)

Dalal said...

et9adgeeeeen !!! yabeeelaa !!! ana mitzawja bs laman atnajar ma3a rayli, a7reg a39abiii 3al fa'6y !! w laman a7gerah (marat) ashofah eyeeni mn nafsa without any approach mni !

Slaytar said...

Fighting Renews Love ,, it means ur still inlove :D

NewQ8 Bride said...

i'm a Traveler : loool you know me girl ;) nothing mess up my day ;)

nyo22 :

ooh that`s a great idea ;)

Dalal : la Dalal , aham ma 3aleech nafsich o 97tich , shofaay mahma kbart el hoosha he still loves you 9a7 ?? so leesh 7argat el a39aaab ;) wish you all the best dear :*

Slaytar : i agree with you ;) if there are no arguments , means you don't care about him /her
thanks alot

noora said...

LOOOOOVE this post of urs newbride ;D
awal ma qaret awal sa6reen qilt 3asa ma etqool (you :p) ina ra7 eyeblich hadeeya o eyeech min nafsah! which is NEVER the case, at least not in my condition ;p

sajja wa bil fom il malyan :o ,, deshay darich 7osai ib Ipadich o itha kan mzajich 3ali call ur friends/cousins ro7ai spa/salon o go out o qayrai jaw, o bachir ge3dai min enom chena mako shay wauid ahda bal o arya7 nfseyan.

wetha 3ad 7arich bezyada, skip ur weekly day out togather chena malich 5ilq ;p hehheehee

Anonymous said...

Eee walh 9aja 59o9an b awal 3 ngaaa6

Bint ilKuwait said...

Well said !!;)