Thursday, January 06, 2011

Went Live on MarinaFm ;)

Good morning

I went live on marina FM earlier this morning: P

Talked about that before that if all these privet channel were launched 10 years ago defiantly I will work hard to have my own show ;)

I was talking with some Colleagues about my sister`s business which is Home made body scrubs using natural ingredients, one of them told me : what about you ? why don`t you have a business ? “entaay fathya” !! it's not the first time she burst on me regarding that issue !!

I know she cares and she wants me to get busy with something but who told you I am available 24/7?? and why I have ( must ) be a businesswoman ??

I believe each individual have a role in the society , and starting a successful business must based on solid fundamentals ., importing Made-in-China replicas dresses is not a business I think??? , and traveling to London buying clothes from primark and doubling the prices is not the thing that I am keen to do

I have to admit that I do not have any manual skills, my sis and 2 of my brothers mashalah are very talent in art . So it’s easy for them to manage to create some handcrafts pieces even though they are not interested in business!!

Talking about Me, I play piano , sing and I love to talk !!! plz what business can I start with these talents ??? Singer or actress :P I imagine JJ `s face if I told him : honey I have a TV show in Ramadan this year ok :P

My eldest brother and I share the same capabilities, that is why both of us are working in PR , we are capable of communicating with people and we can speak in public which I believe its a talent to stand up and talk in front of audiences, usually I am the one who host the ceremonies at work and any interviews on TV I am the one who will speak .

She said you have to do something so you can gain some money and to be an icon!!, it's not necessary that you have to gain Money to accomplish your goals , any simple work related to the community service is an achievement

For me , publishing my ideas , thoughts and personnel experience through my blog makes me feel active and close to others , hearing people talking about my blog ( and they do not know that I am NewBride) and one of them are declaring that when she is reading about my life as wife with all the ups and downs made her feel relieved that all couples have the same daily argument and misunderstandings and that is a normal life , Her opinion is enoughe to make me go on doing what I really think is a success .

I know myself , i cannot perform anything I do not enjoy

For sure I wish I could have my own radio show :P aham shay my own

So have a nice weekend ,

And yeh check the press release I made , they didn’t published my name of ofcoarse ;)

Small note : "As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you. "

Karen Clodfelder

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Danderma said...

wanasa! What did u say on the FM?!

b3dain madry shino hal model ele lazim you busy your self with ay mashroo3... '3asob oho? Allah 3ad wel masharee3 ele tarsa el deera... min bein kill 100 mashroo3 etlageen wa7ed san3 bs !!!

Ya khayya el nass ma ykhaloon a7ad ib 7alah... 2al fathya 2al... min gallokom ini fathya? Min ishtekalokom el 7aal? eshdarakom ini fathya a9lan?!