Thursday, January 20, 2011

Replay to Yousef

"Hi, I googled asos oo 6ala3li your blog, ba'3ait as2al shloun aktib il 3inwan 3alashan directly ywa9loona il Kuwait? Ow lazim arou7 mishref ow il ma6ar a6ali3 po box?"


First of all , welcome to my blog :)

regarding , ana 7a6eet my home adress , Example : Mishref , Block... , Street..., House No:

o 7a6eet elrmz elbareede i googled it o 6al3 enah 7ag mishref 41111

bas :) and you can get elramz elbareede 7ag any area

but to be honest with you i was shocked by the way i recived my shipment , you may check my post

thanks alot

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