Saturday, January 08, 2011

My Hair - Miracle Hair Oil Kuwait

Everyone who knows me since I was a kid , definitely will remember me as Marwa om el3chayef el6wal ( long braid ) .

thats me with my long hair , i am wearing the dresses of  the kindergarten`s parties

I got a long thick black hair , my hair is my baby , it never been colored ,i take care of it , simply I adore it

I was not experiencing from any hair problems except that my hair is wavy more to curly , I do not consider that a problem either

but ....

for almost 2 months , i noticed that my hair is falling : ( , at the beginning i thought its natural , till i noticed that long locks of hair are falling every time i touched my hair

i went to the Dr. to check up , nothings wrong , she told me the reason may be because of loosing weight
so i decided to start a schedule of hair treatments .

i remember that once i read about hair treatment oil on facebook , i forget what it called , so i thought about it for almost 2 days and i got busy to even search for it online

till the day i got followed by Miracle Hair Oil! on twitter ; ) wooow that law of attraction ;)

the owner mashalh is so friendly all of you should follow her , her tweets are really useful about hair remedies

any way i asked her that i am going to post about the product , she agreed :) thanks a lot

i will be honest , if it works with me or not , i will use for a month , twice a week .

the first week is over now , i used it twice

my primer impression :

- it's surprising , no smell , and it's not that sticky , i used it all night cuz it did not reined my pillow case .

- the bottle is 2 small regarding the price 23 K.D as i said my hair is long and that problem for me .if i got the result i wanted i guess it worth it .

any after three weeks i will let you all know the results


Miracle Hair oil kuwait -facebook page

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Anonymous said...

Marwa BE CAREFULL ana mara jarabt treatment 7ag sha3ree oo e5tarab sha3reee wayed :( el treatment did what it was sposed to do BSSS 5arab ashyaa2 thanyaa :(:(:( sha3ree 9aar achla7 oo met8a9f oo nashef :( i did the treatment eb la plus belle


Miracle said...

Hello dear, thank you for taking your time to write about us and for the lovely compliment *blushes* hehe.. As for the size of the oil and your hair length..
First I would like to make it clear, since this is an imported product, not made locally in just any "7away". When my sister, cousin, and I first started using it the original price we paid for it is $70 not including shipping, as we were told it is an Organic, non-mass produce, hand-picked herbs product, and we loved the results. So we figured quality beats quantity. However, even though it is small, it should last with you 2-3 months as it shouldn't be soaked all over ur hair, so hair length doesn't matter. At most what you can do is fill in about half of the bottle cap, massage a bit of it on your scalp and use the rest through your hair and on ur hair ends. But concentrate on your scalp, especially if your problem is hair loss.

Thank you again! - Wish you the best of luck, according to my other customers 4-6 weeks should be good enough to show big improvements in hair loss.

chatterbox said...

ee wallah be carefull o ba3ad don't show your long hair pics "mashallah" here :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Basha : thanks dear , ee sem3t 3an la plus belle , ykoon el treatment waayed strong 3la your hair .

walh this oil shakla zeen , awal shay its oil o ma 7set enea mmkon ykhreb . thane shay Miracle 3la 6oom connected ma3a el nas so i trusted her :)

walah elyoom jarbta ya3ne 3 times mabe abalgh bas 7aseet shway farg

thanks alot

Miracle :thanks alot dear

chatterbox : oh thanks alot :) o enshalah mako elaa el3afeya , thats hair khla9 ra7 ;)

bent el deera said...

حبيبتي ان شاء الله تستفيدين منه وشعرج يرد مثل قبل واحسن :>

حاولي بعد تكثرين من جرجير لانه يقولون وايد زين حق الشعر

Expat and the City said...

Perfectil skin, hair and nail vitamin is one of my must haves in Kuwait. It keeps my long hair beautiful and my nails and skin look amazing. I heard about it when I first came to Kuwait and I swear by the results. :)

Anonymous said...

goleeelna shee9eer ma3ch o etha estfadtai mn el oil ana bsara7a a5af ajazef bs etha thuba6 ma3ach ra7 a6lba

Anonymous said...

Heeey marwa, Ma getelina ur review we are waiting

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Say masha Allah .Your hairs are amazing .I am sure they would be same now.