Thursday, January 13, 2011

Makeup for beauty to have and to hold.

Yes I have to admit that I love makeup up , I used to be that girl who apply makeup daily to college , then after I graduate i sticked to lip gloss and eyeliner .

 Recently mashalah , I noticed all Kuwaiti girls become gorgeous (which is not a new thing of ofcourse ;) ) but mashalah their makeup up looks perfect and natural , for sure the make up style that i am talking  about is not that halaga  Halloween`s ,  makeup 

oh God :(

I determined to get back to the world of makeup , I noticed that my memory is blank , now am trying to learn the basics (thanks to YouTube , blogs and websites )

I learned a lot from Huda beauty site , mashalah mashalah she is glamorous , she is  a “ Hollywood trained makeup artist and beauty consultant based in Dubai” as she remarked in her page . Girls I recommend you watch all the makeup tips video
mashalah that`s what i called Makeup :)

Huda`s Facebook page

Now adays am shopping for the suitable products , creams , and foundations . enshalah with time I will be professional ;)

2 days ago I went Make up for ever , debenhams branch in the avenues , the sales lady was so helpful , sorry I forget her name , I was looking for a lipstick that looks natural and glowing for everyday use , she gave me  that lip stick that gives me full lips without looking like a clown , also I got loose powder and an eyeshadow brush

She gave me  a gift , which is a make up box , am in love with that phrase , its attached to me a bride forever , and am a new bride forever ;)

so ,can you help me with your tips ;)


AMA Traveler said...

sometimes I love the gift more :P 3leech bl3afia ! waay shawaqteeni we have to go out in A make up quest 6al3a LOOL

Danderma said...

Allaaaaah el box 3jeeb masha2 Allah 3leech bel 3afiya!

Ana 3ndi love hate relation ship with makeup... sa3at aheb feeh o sa3at la2... what i know though is that makeup is supposed to be applied so you would look beautiful but without makeup on... my mother always thinks i put on makeup that doesn't look like it's there bs that's it ma 3ndi '3air chithee :)

Zain geltelee 3n this lady 3shan asawee update 7g my techniques... i dream of the day when i can apply my own going to wedding makeup on my own o it looks wow...

Anonymous said...

I think the majority of girls love makeup. The only different point is each girl's talent in applying it.
My perfect idea of makeup application is focusing on the pretty parts of the face (each face has a beautiful part some girls have lovely eyes, other girls got nice lips ..etc).

I like to watch professional ladies who really know how to apply the right makeup, and I've learned a lot from watching them. Let me recommend their names. You can find them on youtube.

This one is a Gay guy but his makeup is super LoL

Enjoy :)


Bint ilKuwait said...

3alaaaich bil3afyaaa;* o welcome back to the makeup world:D ana kilyoum ai6 makeup a7es etha ma 7a6ait shakli e9eer mareeth o kha9tan 3ogob il 7jaab i feel that i have too!! ;s

what u said i did was right;)

u seen that u have chosen the right colors o inshallah shway shway ull learn better and better ;)

NewQ8 Bride said...

I'm a Traveler : ee walah loved the gift , and ya you made me noticed that my new 2011 habba is makeup ;)

Danderma: Way me too Ana a7eb el soft make up o ya3nee am fine bas walah ana kil wedding aro7la Ana a7e6 7g nafse , 9pm shaklee ykoon 3adee bas that's the way I like makeup to look like :) and about Huda mashalah watch her tutorials ra7 t3jbich

Bint ilkuwait : Alaah y3afeech :* am back o happy 2. :) you r right with hejab !!!! U have to apply makeup specially with the cottons hjabat

Thanks a lot and by the way I changed the design of my blog ;)

Anon: 9a7 klamich , thanks a lot for the links , about that guy mashalah amazing :)

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

Hey Nice new layout for the blog *thumbs up* , and wow I love applying make up to me or others, and love to learn new techniques when ever i can, so tell me what do u think about the loose powder u got? 7adde mitradeda akhtha it look so white!
and please tell me about the lipstick number, lonha 3ajeeb :) bel3afyaaa everything, the gift looks 3ajeeba o mufeeeda :)

r.alsharif said...

I love benefit makeup! It's 5afeef and looks natural! :P I guess it doesnt really matter which brand you use, just how you use it. I learned how to properly put makeup from hudas videos and my mom :P cept sometimes i skip the foundation steps li2ana mala da3e you use foundation if your under 30

Just a Though said...

Banat , hal mawthooo3 thabe7ny men chem yoom ana abee at3alaam makeup for me of course and I like the Hollywood makeup no the halloween type. who is the best makeup artist that gives courses in Kuwait?

thanks alot for the help