Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keep Kuwait Clean /.jazeeraairways

Good morning ;)

new fresh beginning el7mdela :) it was a fussy weekends however at the end i had so much fun with my gang :P

This morning on my way to work , enjoying the lovely weather though my car is super dirty from last night`s dust :P , getting into the worst traffic rush ever , the fellow who is in the car in front of me , throw his cigarette on the road !! then the cigarette `s box followed by a bunch of tissues !! what ???? are you going to toss your entire rubbish on the road ??? how could he behaves as if he owns the street ? how come he doesn't feel ashamed of himself??

the white car

i bet that he stinks , that is the first thought i will create in mind for those who do not care about others by throwing Trash On The Street.

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