Monday, January 24, 2011

JJ`s Birthday ;)

Thank u Twitter

For getting me to know those amazing fellows, I don't know most of them in real life :) but they are like a family to me

of course I didn't forget JJ`s Birthday but I didn’t expect that it was on Sunday!! So on Thursday`s midnight, I noticed it’s so close

Anyway, my stunning Tweeps, offered me countless suggestions, of where to dine, what gift should i get and where can I order the cake in that short time

About the gift I will keep it for myself ;)

I worried that no bakery could make me a customized cake one day before the birthday, than I received that mention from Cake `n Bake on twitter telling me that they could arrange it 12 hours before the occasion.

To be honest I didn't try their cake before, so why did I decide to choose Cake`nBake?

I admire companies, stores, banks and online shops, who treat their costumers as friends, considering their demands, as well as answering all their questions .

That`s why I determined to deal with them :)

Back to the cake, I kept wondering what are JJ`s interests these days?? Blank .........

Oh God, I don`t know my man Oh God!! He had several hobbies and activities!!

Then I remembered, TV

Yes he got hypnotized by TV, I can keep talking to him while he is watching, and yah he may not listen me ;) my Mother-in-law always said that when he was a baby, she never worried about him if she need to do some housework because he could sit still there for hours front of TV till she is done: P 7abeebe what a calm baby:*

I googled many design (Couch Potato) :P I got hundreds of cakes designs with the same tag.

I went to mishref branch , The branch manager was really helpful although he was kind of insisting on his opinion , which is something I don't like , I got more stubborn :P

he didn't get the idea of the cake , and I was trying to explain to him that the design is related to my husband , but he didn`t get it at all and he told me he is going to show me other new designs , "alright , impress me " I said .

He showed me a design, of a man who is wearing qetraa and 3gaal (traditional Kuwaiti outfit) milking a cow!!!!!!!!

I didn't comment, “I want you to make the design I choose “bas

He finally agreed, I made some changes, choose the size and I have to admit that he really gave me a reasonable price

That is the cake

mashlah kant kbeera , it's 40 K.D only

I highly recommend Cake `nBake, the cake was perfect and well-made I didn't expect that walah

The taste: 8/10 I wish in the future they can improve it :)

About the dinner , I would like to thank @q80Product for recommending the Terrace Grill, I didn`t try it before , I am not a stake lover , I crave stakes from time to time and usually went to gaucho grill cuz it's near , but after my dinner experience at The Terrace Grill, defiantly it will be my 1st choice :) I consider it Kuwait's finest Steakhouse , the atmosphere was glamorous , calm and romantic , the Refinement, tranquility and a generous welcome from the staff , makes me happier cus I usually worried when I choose a restaurant for us . The stakes were tender and fresh defiantly it is top drawer quality.

If you are celebrating a special occasion and looking for a quality of food with a luxurious unfussy atmosphere accompanied with live music, Terrace Grill must be your No1 Choice

At the End

Happy Birthday JJ, you are the best thing happened to me in my life, U R my Life


Cake 'n Bake said...

How would you like to have improved on the flavor of the cake?

Unknown said...

3asakom dom happy o ya rabbi ewafegkom eb kel khe6wa :)

Happy for you sis

AMA Traveler said...

You Always wrap events as perfect and unique as it can be ! Love u sis ;*

Sn3a said...

kel 3am o ento b5aair
nice idea
hathee tnf3lee ana '3aramee l tv

cake n bake 7lo o professional bs 6a3m l cake lazm yt'3yaar coz kl cakat'hom tetshabah taqreban

3alaikom eb alf 3afya

Slaytar said...

I love twitter, it encourages me to go for things I dont usually go for or afraid to do, makes me try new things, and gives me great ideas. Its very beneficial.

Nice cake btw i like going to cake'n'bake usually the staff are very helpful and terrace grill is amazing I like the atmosphere, and they have good food.

great choices, 3alaikom bil3afia

Great post and a very sweet gesture.

NewQ8 Bride said...

Cake 'n Bake : the taste is great and fresh but i feel it is normal nothing special :) with that amazing design i guess the cake must be more creative flavors .

thanks alot really it was one of a kind

Ahmed Al musallam : Thank you Bro

i'm a traveler : love you 2 dear :"*

San3a: alaah y3afeech :* thank u 7abeebte , glad you liked the idea ;)

slaytar : Thanks to u bro , as u said twitter makes me try new things and do things that i never did before

Anonymous said...

alah e5alikom 7ag b3ath i agree cake and bake 3ndohom afkar bs il cake taste the same !! sis il restaurant ma 3ndch pics lh ma lget 3anh shy ? o shlon hady ? cuz my husbend hates crowded places 6farta ilza7maaaaa lol