Wednesday, January 05, 2011

esma3ne :(

Am I missing something??

His voice .

Is that what everybody is talking about? Getting bored , routine ?

when I meet him , and decided to spend my life with him , I didn’t think about his wealth , or degree , etc … I loved him cus we can talk !!

now , I keep asking questions just to let him reply, sometimes I carry on telling him about my day , posing in the middle of my sentence and still no response !! Which means that he is not listening me

I know that theory about women being talkative unlike men , but he is not that kind of man , he loves to chat with me , we could spend hours talking , but now …….

He is a way that’s what am talking about and getting me mad

Yes , I don’t deny that I am having a wonderful life , but I miss him

That silence between us, is killing me

I started to bury my feelings, my real feelings. And it’s an awkward situation , I used to spill to him everything, he used to know me well. now days , once I started explaining to him my thoughts regarding what’s going on , he got mad and we start a fight .

He thinks that there is nothing wrong with our life and am exaggerating !! I hate it when he keeps telling me :لا تبالغين

I am not, walah I am not

Once he turned 30 everything changed

I don’t want my life to be boring, we r not a regular couple and he know that, I don’t want to be like other bored couples

I wish he feels that way …………………..



Anonymous said...

he's seeing someone :(

Anonymous said...

new bride..
like yourself, i'm a new bride and a recent mother of triplets .. i married the love of my life too... i hope you listen to what i have to say... men aren't like us when it comes to conversating. they listen for a brief period of time and then phase out! don't feel bad cuz we've all felt that way at some point in our lives.
new bride/mother

Miracle said...

Thats sad, but not much of a problem as I see, most couples doze off a bit for some time, you should take a nice vacation and travel somewhere fun.. should kick in back all the siwalif.. wish you the best my dear!

Anonymous said...

Ah,, sweeti they all are the same ,,all over the world men are the same once they got what they want they start to step backward BUT na9ee7a give him a break and don't talk for a while just say the basic things and he'll miss u and want to talk again ;) try it ,, don't be sad ,, best wishs