Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A date night - 1000

A date night with your partner is an important element in any relationship , here in Kuwait trying to break the routine and found a new activity as couples is one of the most difficult thing to look for ,there are limited options nothing more than going to movies , cafes and restaurants ! So sometimes it's hard to figure out an outdoor activity that your did not try before . About me , am an out going girl , I do not mind spend the whole day roaming around ;) thanks god jj is an open minded guy and he noticed that this is my nature . In the other hand , he is mashalah a man who loves staying in the house , he doesn't mind relaxing at home watching TV for a hall week .

He tried his best to cope with my "gazzing" life style and he doesn't mind that i hang out with my friends as much as i want , but he insists the we have to go out for a real date twice a week because he knows that means a lot to me

to be honest , i keep arguing with him about going out more , and i always remind him that he is over 30 now and acts like an old man a blah blah blah ( he is 3 years older than me bas :P ) and am still in my twenties ( yah 2 months left till i reach my 30 ) and u hate me , you don't like to go out with me .:P

last week he was asking me every night that the next day he wants to have a dinner , my schedule is full . i should shut up (sorry) really i am the one who is busy all the time . So i decided that i should set a "Date night " every 2 weeks , why 2 weeks ? i should respect what he likes which is tying at home the way he respects what i like , so i will be a good girl JJ

So our date was at 360mall , i noticed the opening of Laduree from @NafNaf , i didn't dine there yet i bought some Macaroons ;) waaay i miss London waayed

ok my other subject

Congratulations all of you for the Amiri grant of KD 1,000 (USD 3,559 ) .

Thank you Sheikh . Sabah :)

and i have a massage for the 2 teams

"team we r dull , gloomy Kuwaiti people " what is wrong with you ? do you forget how to be optimistic ?? is it a trend now aday s to dissect a lighthearted feeling into a grudge and bitterness ? everyone enjoy to be givin a gift ?

and believe me , people who don`t say al7mdelaah will suffer entire their lives .! if you think that 1000 KD is a approach to shut you up , don’t take it , really

the 2nd Team

(Team New Money show off ) hey when you keep saying (ambeh shda3wa kilha alf ) which means (its only 1000 why that fuzz ) let me tell you something , even the richest people will like it if their Amir give them that gift , don't act in front of others that you do not care . for me and you people who don't have any responsibilities nothing will be different we may think to got that handbag we saw that day , or the Louboutin we wanted to order , but other families do need it , so stop acting as if you are Paris Hilton

that is it ;) i should go enjoy my Laduree macroon ;)


Nemo said...

your blog makes me happy I never miss a post :)

AMA Traveler said...

love the Idea of Date Night ..GO Girl :*

ama 3la el 1000 3saha dooom mo yooom ! I hate those ppl who don't know how to be Happy ! they always look at the bad side of things never ever at the good side ! bs thb7tona try to learn to be happy for go'd ssake 3shan elsh3b e3arf y7tefel ! Let's Celebrate its your country's celebration ! our Lovely Kuwait :*

NewQ8 Bride said...

Nemo : waaay 7abeebtee :*

am a traveler : eee walah 3ad keefhom aham shay nkoon e7ba mestanseen ;)

Expat and the City said...

Date night with Hubby is a great idea. :D