Tuesday, January 11, 2011

up date : Chirstain Louboutin here in Kuwait !!

this image from : ombabel -Twitter-

Anyone heard about Chirstain Louboutin arrival Yesterday !!!

some people said he was at Kuwait airport invited by someone ??

Any news ??


Danderma said...

well if he is here i would like him to know that he is the WORST shoe maker in history...

his shoes are beautiful but i haven't tried two shoes that fit my leg in the same size!

Sometimes size 39 fits me... sometimes size 42 wouldn't fit me... y3ni his sizing is inconsistent o el shape of his shoes is fit for dolls and not women...

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

He came for a soft opening for his boutique ..
visited avenues and salhiya while he was here, so I guess he wanted to check both places to decide where to locate his store.
all just as I heard, nothing for sure. but if its true.. by pure guess is that he will choose salhiya !
or not! just guesses