Monday, January 31, 2011

The new Hermes Paris store

No Wonder  a Birkin will cost you thousands – someone has to pay the interior design

U must visit Lady B`s wonderland

A new blog is appearing and I am sure it will shine like a star

I don't know her personally , but I loved her start of 2011 to create her blog

Wish u all the best ;)

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Growing up

When I was a kid , I don't leave the house without my glasses ( yah I wear glasses when I was 9 ) and my books

When I was 18 , I don't leave the house without my contact lenses , mobile , lipgloss , mascara and my books

When I was 27 , I don't leave the house without my contact lenses , Chanel sunglasses , mobile , bottle of water , iPod and a magazine !

Now , am turning 30 after 2 months , I don't leave the house without my contact lenses , mobile , diet pills , panadol , makeup bag , high heels , extra flats for emergencies , Blackberry , iPod , iPad ......

What ?? Missing something ??

I know I am smarter when I was young and become material girl when am going to be a mature woman

That's life

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Are you watching Them ??


as much as i hate their style , makeup , way of talk . i keep watching them !!!!

oh god they remind me alot of some girls here in Kuwait with all that make up , extensions , leopard prints and more

waaay i wanna kill them but simply they are Hailag

check the website 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be One of the W's

Tuesday =360=b+f

although i was so depressed regarding the cloudy weather , because i am a sunny person , if there is no sun , i feel dim

but i had so much fun with my lovely Fa6ooma :*

after that i went home to say hi to dad before going to my apartment , he gave me that envelope ( i still receive my mail there ;P )

it's from Wataneya i thought it is because my internet is from them  , but it was it's about introducing a new Exclusive program called the W`s .

so i will post some information about that new program .

This program offers the costumers various exclusive services that suite your life style . when you join the program you will get prestigious benefits such as :

- Dedicated account mangers

- Special rate plan

- Home Delivery Service

- Accurate Billing

- Trend setting Technology (yaaah i loved that ) you will be among the first to try the latest products and services from watanya .

- VIP Treatment : as a member of the W's you will attend a memorable events ;)

- A family Affair

- leaving the best to the end You will get a reduction on Luxury Brands :

Layla Harmony

Morad yousef Behbahani Group

Albisher& AlKazemi Group (Jewellery )


United Aviation

Alsafat United food Company

Courtyard By Marriot Kuwait Hotel

jw Marriott Kuwait Hotel .

Movenpic Hotel Kuwait

Flex resorts and real estates

Flex spa and saloon


Edible arrangements

wooow that list sends a strong temptation to join that Program ;)

and just remember


oh don`t forget to Vote for my nephew

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yes i am in the List ;)

Me 2 in the list ;) : Twitter Elite in Kuwait by

i am No 47 ;)

thanks alot my Followers :*

Monday, January 24, 2011

You had a fight? CongratulationS

My new policy in 2011 is to turn every bad incident into a happy one

So i I'll share some of my experience

If you had a fight with your man ( the Kuwaiti man ) be happy , there are many advantages you may get :

1- if you r just like me , always late to work ,don't worry on the night of the argument you will sleep early because you don't want to share the living room with him so wear your pajama and jump into your bed ;)

2- he will never come to you so if you are sleepy , enjoy a relaxing , no- snoring sleep

3- if it's to early to you to fall a sleep , never mind , be sure the iPad is with you so you can spend hours without feeling bored , tweet , make a post (that's what i am doing ) ;) , enjoy your online shopping .moreover you can read , watch a movie etc.......

4- it's an excellent method to lose wight ? How ? You don't have to join him for dinner !!! :p or think about food at all

5- it's the perfect time for meditation , trust me he will never come to you :p so you will enjoy the silence

So girls free your imagination and let me know what other ideas you have in mind ( also couples who r in love, girl you will eliminate the risk of mobile phones to harm you by switching off your mobile )

Yah we r the women of 2011 ;)

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JJ`s Birthday ;)

Thank u Twitter

For getting me to know those amazing fellows, I don't know most of them in real life :) but they are like a family to me

of course I didn't forget JJ`s Birthday but I didn’t expect that it was on Sunday!! So on Thursday`s midnight, I noticed it’s so close

Anyway, my stunning Tweeps, offered me countless suggestions, of where to dine, what gift should i get and where can I order the cake in that short time

About the gift I will keep it for myself ;)

I worried that no bakery could make me a customized cake one day before the birthday, than I received that mention from Cake `n Bake on twitter telling me that they could arrange it 12 hours before the occasion.

To be honest I didn't try their cake before, so why did I decide to choose Cake`nBake?

I admire companies, stores, banks and online shops, who treat their costumers as friends, considering their demands, as well as answering all their questions .

That`s why I determined to deal with them :)

Back to the cake, I kept wondering what are JJ`s interests these days?? Blank .........

Oh God, I don`t know my man Oh God!! He had several hobbies and activities!!

Then I remembered, TV

Yes he got hypnotized by TV, I can keep talking to him while he is watching, and yah he may not listen me ;) my Mother-in-law always said that when he was a baby, she never worried about him if she need to do some housework because he could sit still there for hours front of TV till she is done: P 7abeebe what a calm baby:*

I googled many design (Couch Potato) :P I got hundreds of cakes designs with the same tag.

I went to mishref branch , The branch manager was really helpful although he was kind of insisting on his opinion , which is something I don't like , I got more stubborn :P

he didn't get the idea of the cake , and I was trying to explain to him that the design is related to my husband , but he didn`t get it at all and he told me he is going to show me other new designs , "alright , impress me " I said .

He showed me a design, of a man who is wearing qetraa and 3gaal (traditional Kuwaiti outfit) milking a cow!!!!!!!!

I didn't comment, “I want you to make the design I choose “bas

He finally agreed, I made some changes, choose the size and I have to admit that he really gave me a reasonable price

That is the cake

mashlah kant kbeera , it's 40 K.D only

I highly recommend Cake `nBake, the cake was perfect and well-made I didn't expect that walah

The taste: 8/10 I wish in the future they can improve it :)

About the dinner , I would like to thank @q80Product for recommending the Terrace Grill, I didn`t try it before , I am not a stake lover , I crave stakes from time to time and usually went to gaucho grill cuz it's near , but after my dinner experience at The Terrace Grill, defiantly it will be my 1st choice :) I consider it Kuwait's finest Steakhouse , the atmosphere was glamorous , calm and romantic , the Refinement, tranquility and a generous welcome from the staff , makes me happier cus I usually worried when I choose a restaurant for us . The stakes were tender and fresh defiantly it is top drawer quality.

If you are celebrating a special occasion and looking for a quality of food with a luxurious unfussy atmosphere accompanied with live music, Terrace Grill must be your No1 Choice

At the End

Happy Birthday JJ, you are the best thing happened to me in my life, U R my Life

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Shushu - Touch My Soul With Passion Blog

what should i say :) about her and her blog , i can not thank her enough

most of my blog readers referred by her blog ( more than 700 ) a week

so this is agal shay i can do for her :) to write her a post :)

Thank you  Shushu 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Replay to Yousef

"Hi, I googled asos oo 6ala3li your blog, ba'3ait as2al shloun aktib il 3inwan 3alashan directly ywa9loona il Kuwait? Ow lazim arou7 mishref ow il ma6ar a6ali3 po box?"


First of all , welcome to my blog :)

regarding , ana 7a6eet my home adress , Example : Mishref , Block... , Street..., House No:

o 7a6eet elrmz elbareede i googled it o 6al3 enah 7ag mishref 41111

bas :) and you can get elramz elbareede 7ag any area

but to be honest with you i was shocked by the way i recived my shipment , you may check my post

thanks alot


do you like hot or cold milk on your cereal?

i Like it with cold milk ;)

Good morning

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Attention Give Kuwait Plz

Please :)

Vote for my friends , Dalal Tareq

i wanna see more votes

عفية صوتو حق رفيجتي

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Via Twitter : @taw9eel : Yalaaa guyyess and girlsss @sheeeldotcom launching in 15 minutes "

so don`t miss it


Mulberry 50%

the image is from

As recived "Habchi & Chalhoub announces its Sale on Fall/Winter 2010 Collections with discounts UP to 50%at  The MULBERRY Boutique .The Avenues. Tel: 22597790"

don't miss it girls , and guys 2

and guys Valentine day is so close so its a chance to get her i gift i bet she will love :)

A date night - 1000

A date night with your partner is an important element in any relationship , here in Kuwait trying to break the routine and found a new activity as couples is one of the most difficult thing to look for ,there are limited options nothing more than going to movies , cafes and restaurants ! So sometimes it's hard to figure out an outdoor activity that your did not try before . About me , am an out going girl , I do not mind spend the whole day roaming around ;) thanks god jj is an open minded guy and he noticed that this is my nature . In the other hand , he is mashalah a man who loves staying in the house , he doesn't mind relaxing at home watching TV for a hall week .

He tried his best to cope with my "gazzing" life style and he doesn't mind that i hang out with my friends as much as i want , but he insists the we have to go out for a real date twice a week because he knows that means a lot to me

to be honest , i keep arguing with him about going out more , and i always remind him that he is over 30 now and acts like an old man a blah blah blah ( he is 3 years older than me bas :P ) and am still in my twenties ( yah 2 months left till i reach my 30 ) and u hate me , you don't like to go out with me .:P

last week he was asking me every night that the next day he wants to have a dinner , my schedule is full . i should shut up (sorry) really i am the one who is busy all the time . So i decided that i should set a "Date night " every 2 weeks , why 2 weeks ? i should respect what he likes which is tying at home the way he respects what i like , so i will be a good girl JJ

So our date was at 360mall , i noticed the opening of Laduree from @NafNaf , i didn't dine there yet i bought some Macaroons ;) waaay i miss London waayed

ok my other subject

Congratulations all of you for the Amiri grant of KD 1,000 (USD 3,559 ) .

Thank you Sheikh . Sabah :)

and i have a massage for the 2 teams

"team we r dull , gloomy Kuwaiti people " what is wrong with you ? do you forget how to be optimistic ?? is it a trend now aday s to dissect a lighthearted feeling into a grudge and bitterness ? everyone enjoy to be givin a gift ?

and believe me , people who don`t say al7mdelaah will suffer entire their lives .! if you think that 1000 KD is a approach to shut you up , don’t take it , really

the 2nd Team

(Team New Money show off ) hey when you keep saying (ambeh shda3wa kilha alf ) which means (its only 1000 why that fuzz ) let me tell you something , even the richest people will like it if their Amir give them that gift , don't act in front of others that you do not care . for me and you people who don't have any responsibilities nothing will be different we may think to got that handbag we saw that day , or the Louboutin we wanted to order , but other families do need it , so stop acting as if you are Paris Hilton

that is it ;) i should go enjoy my Laduree macroon ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keep Kuwait Clean /.jazeeraairways

Good morning ;)

new fresh beginning el7mdela :) it was a fussy weekends however at the end i had so much fun with my gang :P

This morning on my way to work , enjoying the lovely weather though my car is super dirty from last night`s dust :P , getting into the worst traffic rush ever , the fellow who is in the car in front of me , throw his cigarette on the road !! then the cigarette `s box followed by a bunch of tissues !! what ???? are you going to toss your entire rubbish on the road ??? how could he behaves as if he owns the street ? how come he doesn't feel ashamed of himself??

the white car

i bet that he stinks , that is the first thought i will create in mind for those who do not care about others by throwing Trash On The Street.

Aljazeera airways r having that great offer , arrange your reservations now for March and April , for the lowest prices ;)

So if you are planning to get me a birthday gift and unsure what to do i want ;) visit aljazeera :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

LV tattoo

It's a real tattoo

This pic is from

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Sorry .......

i got mad

words just come out of mouth

in my situation words became texts to be sent to him

furious , terrible , and hate my life

all of a sudden ,

imagining , my self without him , fabricating that scenario in my head , that something bad happened to him

all that anger transferred to be emotions and feelings of wanting him to be with me until the last day of my life


sorry love

Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh la la la la

What ?!?!?! Barbaryeesh ?? Ya3neee
Burberry !!!

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Some feelings ..................

i am freezing

you beside me

will bring summer days back

i am still awake


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Makeup for beauty to have and to hold.

Yes I have to admit that I love makeup up , I used to be that girl who apply makeup daily to college , then after I graduate i sticked to lip gloss and eyeliner .

 Recently mashalah , I noticed all Kuwaiti girls become gorgeous (which is not a new thing of ofcourse ;) ) but mashalah their makeup up looks perfect and natural , for sure the make up style that i am talking  about is not that halaga  Halloween`s ,  makeup 

oh God :(

I determined to get back to the world of makeup , I noticed that my memory is blank , now am trying to learn the basics (thanks to YouTube , blogs and websites )

I learned a lot from Huda beauty site , mashalah mashalah she is glamorous , she is  a “ Hollywood trained makeup artist and beauty consultant based in Dubai” as she remarked in her page . Girls I recommend you watch all the makeup tips video
mashalah that`s what i called Makeup :)

Huda`s Facebook page

Now adays am shopping for the suitable products , creams , and foundations . enshalah with time I will be professional ;)

2 days ago I went Make up for ever , debenhams branch in the avenues , the sales lady was so helpful , sorry I forget her name , I was looking for a lipstick that looks natural and glowing for everyday use , she gave me  that lip stick that gives me full lips without looking like a clown , also I got loose powder and an eyeshadow brush

She gave me  a gift , which is a make up box , am in love with that phrase , its attached to me a bride forever , and am a new bride forever ;)

so ,can you help me with your tips ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

up date : Chirstain Louboutin here in Kuwait !!

this image from : ombabel -Twitter-

Anyone heard about Chirstain Louboutin arrival Yesterday !!!

some people said he was at Kuwait airport invited by someone ??

Any news ??

Monday, January 10, 2011

H & M Surprise :)

As received from Miss. Aisha ,  the lovely lady from H&M`s  Public Relations-
M.H. Alshaya Co. W.L.L 

Enjoy this seson with H&M’s latest offer for your entire family…!!!

Ladies Men’s & Kids :70% off on all sale items…!!!!

Check out our Style Guide below to know what’s the global trend for 2011...!!!

So what are you waiting for ?? don't miss it

personally i like shopping in  H&M :) every time i hangout with my friends in the  avenues we must pass by to grab any piece to update my wardrobe for work the next day .

it is a must to shop from H&M ;)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

:) i did it :P


i did it , i consider that my 1st achievement of 2011

one week passed from January and i did not take a leave permission from work :)

i mean the mornings permissions ;)

alaah ytmem i have been waking up early el7mdelaah :)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

My Hair - Miracle Hair Oil Kuwait

Everyone who knows me since I was a kid , definitely will remember me as Marwa om el3chayef el6wal ( long braid ) .

thats me with my long hair , i am wearing the dresses of  the kindergarten`s parties

I got a long thick black hair , my hair is my baby , it never been colored ,i take care of it , simply I adore it

I was not experiencing from any hair problems except that my hair is wavy more to curly , I do not consider that a problem either

but ....

for almost 2 months , i noticed that my hair is falling : ( , at the beginning i thought its natural , till i noticed that long locks of hair are falling every time i touched my hair

i went to the Dr. to check up , nothings wrong , she told me the reason may be because of loosing weight
so i decided to start a schedule of hair treatments .

i remember that once i read about hair treatment oil on facebook , i forget what it called , so i thought about it for almost 2 days and i got busy to even search for it online

till the day i got followed by Miracle Hair Oil! on twitter ; ) wooow that law of attraction ;)

the owner mashalh is so friendly all of you should follow her , her tweets are really useful about hair remedies

any way i asked her that i am going to post about the product , she agreed :) thanks a lot

i will be honest , if it works with me or not , i will use for a month , twice a week .

the first week is over now , i used it twice

my primer impression :

- it's surprising , no smell , and it's not that sticky , i used it all night cuz it did not reined my pillow case .

- the bottle is 2 small regarding the price 23 K.D as i said my hair is long and that problem for me .if i got the result i wanted i guess it worth it .

any after three weeks i will let you all know the results


Miracle Hair oil kuwait -facebook page

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Went Live on MarinaFm ;)

Good morning

I went live on marina FM earlier this morning: P

Talked about that before that if all these privet channel were launched 10 years ago defiantly I will work hard to have my own show ;)

I was talking with some Colleagues about my sister`s business which is Home made body scrubs using natural ingredients, one of them told me : what about you ? why don`t you have a business ? “entaay fathya” !! it's not the first time she burst on me regarding that issue !!

I know she cares and she wants me to get busy with something but who told you I am available 24/7?? and why I have ( must ) be a businesswoman ??

I believe each individual have a role in the society , and starting a successful business must based on solid fundamentals ., importing Made-in-China replicas dresses is not a business I think??? , and traveling to London buying clothes from primark and doubling the prices is not the thing that I am keen to do

I have to admit that I do not have any manual skills, my sis and 2 of my brothers mashalah are very talent in art . So it’s easy for them to manage to create some handcrafts pieces even though they are not interested in business!!

Talking about Me, I play piano , sing and I love to talk !!! plz what business can I start with these talents ??? Singer or actress :P I imagine JJ `s face if I told him : honey I have a TV show in Ramadan this year ok :P

My eldest brother and I share the same capabilities, that is why both of us are working in PR , we are capable of communicating with people and we can speak in public which I believe its a talent to stand up and talk in front of audiences, usually I am the one who host the ceremonies at work and any interviews on TV I am the one who will speak .

She said you have to do something so you can gain some money and to be an icon!!, it's not necessary that you have to gain Money to accomplish your goals , any simple work related to the community service is an achievement

For me , publishing my ideas , thoughts and personnel experience through my blog makes me feel active and close to others , hearing people talking about my blog ( and they do not know that I am NewBride) and one of them are declaring that when she is reading about my life as wife with all the ups and downs made her feel relieved that all couples have the same daily argument and misunderstandings and that is a normal life , Her opinion is enoughe to make me go on doing what I really think is a success .

I know myself , i cannot perform anything I do not enjoy

For sure I wish I could have my own radio show :P aham shay my own

So have a nice weekend ,

And yeh check the press release I made , they didn’t published my name of ofcoarse ;)

Small note : "As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you. "

Karen Clodfelder