Monday, December 13, 2010

Yalaah Girls Lets Winter :P

finally , its winter , it cold , i know its with dust not snow of course. i was strong enough to resist the temptation to wear boots the past days .

So now i cant Wait , i ordered my mucks boots 2 months ago :P and i am so desperate to wear them

still in the box

one more ( yes bakher3 el winter ) 6al3t my home boots :P , am wearing summer clothes cuz usually , i don't like to wear thick cloths , my body always warm , but so in love with boots

sorry with my halaga :P covering  for th pic :P

yalaah girls enjoy ;) and open your closets o yalaaah Winter


Expat and the City said...

Love your boots!

Unknown said...

Hi Dear Girl you are admitted to :

Mouah and Hope you Like it :D

noora said...

LOL, enjoy it while it lasts ;) love the new theme by the way, though I'll miss ur venice pic ;**

enigma said...

lool halgay halgay,, khal en7alel bootatna!

just pretend the dust is very fine snow particles

Unknown said...

i love ur blog idea
am getting married in april this year am expecting a lot of fights since we already know eachother and worked together sometimes

NewQ8 Bride said...

Expat and The City : thank u :*

noora : thanks nora :) me 2 a7eb el pic bas gelt i wanna changed then 3afst eldnya o akher shay i got back to this theme :)

enigma : loool 7adnaa bn halig bas walah 7asafaa :P el kil lebas bl7ar o ana ma lebst so today mesht6aa 7adee

smaher tariq : oooh Congrats dear ;) check my old posts :P lots of fights and arguments but at the end love lasts ;)