Sunday, December 26, 2010

u will find everything @TheManhattan

its the last Sunday of this year :)

no i am not going to post my new year post yet ;)

so while i was looking for the best gifts , i received a lovely comment from

The Manhattan Team. "How about FootzyRolls? They're cute, practical, affordable & they come in a cute pink tin ready for gifting :)

Good luck & Happy Holidays! :)"

i am sure all of you know their website :) but i will talk about my experience with them .
on 2009 , i gained more than 18 kg regarding some health issues (trying to get pregnant ) with all the medicine i ave been taken and mood swings thingy that i keep eating everything in front of me :P

so this year , thanks God i lost 15 kg (Mashalah ) yaah i am afraid i am going to a7sed myself :P and yes i am back to life and to the real me :D

i dropped 2 jeans sizes , from 14 UK to 10 UK

i kept wearing some of them which i really love , and i don't want to give away yet , so i started wearing them with belts and i hate all that bulking that happens because of the belts !!

till i ordered

loved it and i am wearing it with all my jeans es , especially that the jeans got looser by time and i hate that love handles falling here and there :P

so you have to give it a try , its a must in every wardrobe :)

and now its for sale only 8 K.D

i didn't buy the footzy rolls they recommended as a Christmas gift because i noticed that my housekeeper wanted some glasses sets , so i got the perfume and the glasses set

but i order it today for me

 i really need it because i usually keep a pair of flats in my car , so i believe footsy rolls are the best solution for me :)

i just made my order and i am waiting to receive it :)

so if u need to get a great gift , or to buy your self a trendy stuff don't hesitate  to check  The MANHATTAN:)

one more thing , i loved they way they got connected with people by commenting , that shoes how updated they are and definitely you will trust their services

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The Manhattan Team said...

We are so happy you love your products! Thank you so much for this unexpected review! :-*