Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kuwait Soccer Team , 3azooz , Crush

i don`t mean to judge , but its my opinion , Kuwait soccer Team at the University ?!?!?! big fail

am sorry but what r students going to  learn or gain from that celebration ??

anyway i guess most of u watched lots of videos on youtube :) girls screaming : 3azooz :P

so he is the new habba now :)

i remember long time ago :P Bashar 3abdalah kaan el hit ;)

any way walah i don't blame the girls walh shay that's natural , but why they celebrate at the universities campuses ??

that day i asked JJ who is that 3abde3zez he told me to google him , i found some pictures , hmm yah he is ok , after watching the youtube and all the girls were dying calling him 3azooz , we were talking about that , one of the girls said yeeh he is hot and no one can blame them !!

other girl showed me that pic from 3azoz `s fans facebook page

hmmm ok girls No one is going to blame you :P (sorry jj don`t get me wrong ) but yes he is cute

do u know what is the funny thing ??? everyone is calling him 3azoooooz

hmmm at the 70s ?? do u think our mothers do have crushes for celeb ?? hmm i guess jaesm ya3goob got fans , i mean girls fans , who else do u think ?? i know that women loved Abdulhaleem Hafeth , and other celebs from Egypt , my mother loves politics so she used to have something for jamal Abdulnaser President of Egypt from 1956 until his death .


so now i will spread my wikileaks :P

my crushes through the years :

New Kids

Jonathan Taylor

Leonardo DiCaprio

Rashed Almajed (Almesafer ra7 phase ) :P

And my big big big Fail :P

Rushdi Abatha

he is hot

;) even 9ba7 said once that he is one of the best of her husbands and she will choose him in Heaven :)

i guess i have to stop now for security purposes :P

To U : As Sabah Said "i will choose U in Heaven " enshalah


Ra-1 said...

I had crush on Jonathan Taylor too :p
امبيه قبل شوي شفت الفيديو مال عزوز على قولتهم صج شي يفشل انا انصدمت!!

NewQ8 Bride said...

7adaaa ambeeh shftaay el9raaakh ?? le al7een mo fahma lessh yaybenhom

Anonymous said...

enty mwalid 80? cuz all the 80s girls loved the new kids on the block lol wallah kan our crushes bareeeeea o 6foly mo gdam alah o 5algah 3aaaaaaaaaaaazoz !!! thats cheap sorry

Danderma said...

heew... hands of roshdi abatha baik plz! ana wayed a7ebah tra mabi atzawejah bs ham ma artha a7ad yetzawejah kilish :p kaifi

el jama3a il bajeen keifkom....

AMA Traveler said...

LOOL thakarteeni bl mathi bs still ma fahamt mino 3zoz :P is he a player ? o wrah ma yl3ab if so:P New Kids a7es kilna 3leehum awal lool o jackson o bolton o goerge micheal lol ... and still we grow up normal o sn3een :) el7mdela

NewQ8 Bride said...

Anon : lool eeee mwaleed 1981 hehe ee walah kenaa enwanes b new kids :P

Danderma : loool 3ad a7laa elmawjood :P

i`m a traveler: ee 3zooz yl3ab now :) lool ma n3rfaa baby for us hehe , ee walah 9a7 klamich i guess thats normal