Thursday, December 30, 2010

i got her call .........

Newbride : Hello ?? who is this ??

the caller : Hi new Bride , it’s me

Newbride : ??? sorry , but who r you ?

The Caller : i will give u a hint , am arriving too soon i will spend a year with you , and you u know my sisters for 29 years

Newbride : oohhhh yaaah . ahlaan 2011 i was expecting your call

2011 : glad you notice , i will be there soon , any way i thought that u and i need to know each other before i arrive , i mean hmmm just to let me know what are our plans

Newbride: of course i do , i loved your sister 2010 , she was nice with me not like 2009 we didn't like each other at all

2011: hmm plz they r both my sisters

Newbride: i know , but i am telling the truth , 2010 , I returned back to the real me

2011 : Yes I can feel that ;)

Newbride : hmmm , ok let me start with most important issue , with you i will enter a new phase , i will say good bay to my twenties and i will enter my thirties , yah 30 , three zero

2011: ok so ??

Newbride : Be kind with me plz :) turning 30 is enough :P

2011 : enshalah u will be gorgeous , beautiful and a newbride (3aroosa) as always

I guess u love that movie 13going 30 and u especially when shay throw that spell: thirty , flirty and thriving

Newbride: oh you r reading my mind , that’s what i really want , am not done yet , shall i go on ?

2011 : dear i am listening

Newbride: I want my parents to be happy and healthy , i can’t take it if anything happened to them ,

JJ is my life , I want his smile shine my days all the time , I want him to be around me , I will do my best to not let him get mad on me

my brothers and my sister , love them plz give them what they really wanted .

my friends , i guess your sisters told u that before , i cant live without them , plz i want them to get whatever they r looking for


2011 : wait wait , I know we r going to be a great friends , but God who planned all that , just pray , and ask God for what you wanted and enshalah everything will be the way you wanted

Newbride : Enshalah i hope so , waiting for you dear

2011 : be ready for me enshalah everything will be more than great

Newbride : ooh one more thing

2011: !!!

Newbride: please i want my country to be the Gulf`s bride again plz

2011: tell them to not rape her so she can be a real Bride

Newbride : lets wait and see , lets wait and see


Unknown said...

This is the best post I have ever read in all of 2010.

I totally loved and adored it!

Kuwaitiful said...

A bride can't be new if she keeps getting raped.

Point taken.

matrimony said...

Wow what a great post. I Love and like it so much. I am praying to the GOD for everything will be happy and peaceful. My dear 2011 i am waiting for You come soon.
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AMA Traveler said...

WOOOOOOW So creative ! and please bdesh m3akum bl conversation pls 2011 Let me and the new bride be always friends for ever, and pls rock our up coming days ;) as it is now waayhech 3leena kheer ya 2011 :P

Anonymous said...
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