Monday, December 27, 2010

HomeBerry yammy yammy

4 years ago , when i moved to Rehab area residing with my husband`s family , i was so stressed and disappointed , i hated the area , so different from Mishref , everything was so far and i felt isolated . less than a year , the avenues opened ;) so ana wahyee kheer :P it's too close to me that i ve been going there daily , now ??? i will never move from Alrehab ;)

but the only thing that i hated is the delivery , sometimes i got shocked when i call to order dinner or dessert and they replay : sorry mom we do not deliver there !!! madree ween there 3ad el kuwait bro7haa katkoota , netfa

any way , so pinkberry became an addiction for me , and because it's easy to go there and get me the yoghurt i love epically when they opened next to ikea , its becomes almost daily grind

any way , tonight i was not in the mood to go out ( mako car a9lan ) so i called HomeBerry and i was expecting the answer , for my surprise they said Ok mom we r in the way !! waay so happy :) thank u , thank u so much

less than a hour the truck was here ,i got my fresh frozen yogurts , 9ar show shway bl share3 bas keefhom :P

and now i am enjoying my lovely Homeberry frozen yoghurt


Sn3a said...

hanee hanee
ewa9loon 7g chm minimum?

b3dain mako shy b3eed hal ayyam
shd3wa 3alaihm

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

bel3afyaaa o it looks good:)
wanasaa el truck khoosh show bel share3 3ajabniii ! like a V.I.P treatment hahaha!! yayech el ma7al lain el bab ;)

NewQ8 Bride said...

san3a :

alaah yslmich 7abeebte , ewa9loon 3 cups :) bas ethaa we9alaw tgdreen u order more :)

Ruby Gloom : alaah y3afeech dear , ambeeh ee 7adda wanasaaa 9ij 7aseet V.I.P ;)

Anonymous said...

اي سمعت عنه

علييج بالعافية

انزين بسألج كل النكهات موجودة والا بس شي معين؟ ^^

Anonymous said...

ودي اسالج سؤال وانتي حره انا من زمان اتابعج واحب بلوقج بس ولا مره يبتي طاري حمولتج احنا البنات العادة يا نتشكى منهم لوووول يا نمدح اوفر فودي اعرف رايج ونصايحج حسب تجربتج؟

وايد يعجبني اسلوبج؟

by the way the homeberry looks delicious bel 3afya sis

Ra-1 said...

I dont like it but loved the last pic heh :)