Monday, December 27, 2010

He is tall , she is short?? i found the solution , footzyrolls!!

Yes this is a conflict every couple with a different heights suffer from :P especially men :P

when i was young i thought dad and brothers are the tallest men in the universe , after i got married ,i entered a hall new world :P

JJ is tall , mashalah , my father-in-law is taller , my mother-in-law mashalah is tall 2 , and my sister-in-law mashaalah mashalah super tall for a girl , and of ofcourse i am the one who arrived to their home , short 7dee , with a small hands , small shoe size according to them :P

any way , i love wearing super high high heels , but hanging out with jj wearing high heel is one of the toughest situations I've been through : / he walks so fast that i look so stupid trying to catch up with his steps , at the beginning he was that charming new husband who walk so slowly , but then khlaaa9 he got bored :P so i started to wear flats with him , yah i look like a kid but np aham shay i walk nafs el3alam :P

any way , sometimes i got out of work to meet him for lunch at the avenues o marrat akoon labsa highheels , so if am not having a spare flat got stuck

so the footzyrolls i ordered from the manhattan are the best solution check my pervious post :)

Katkoot so tiny

it can fit in your clutch ;P

ouch !!!! it hurts , khlaa9 no more pain just wear your footzyrolls :P heheh meshtahya atklam b da3ayaa

so small to fit between your shoes in your crowded closet ;)

so now no worries dear husband , i will race u :P shtabee ba3ad

so tell me girls do u  prefer tall man ? or same heights ?? and guys do prefer your girl to be short or tall ??


Unknown said...

Interesting new information :) For me my man has to be taller than me! I am 173, thank God my man is 180. I have to say that I've been lucky on the height part.

Anonymous said...

Wlah awl shy y36ech al 3afia Sara7a waid cool bgol 7g al RB3 3shan y7lon mshkelaat el sebag ely t9eer wohma yamshon :)

Unknown said...

i need this too my husband is tall and am 5.1 i need it so badly and am sick of having heels in his car and my office

thank you :")

noora said...

my brothers and sister are a bit tall! but I'm not
and his brothers and sisterS ARE tall! bs he's not

inshallah ye6le3on 3yale 3ala 5walhum o0 3mamhum :p

Rumaitha said...

7amdillah I got a tall fiance..!!

I love my man to be tall even though I'm super short, just 154cms. Madri about al7a8eh le2anni ba3adni ma a6la3 ma3ah bes thanks for the tip. I should keep it consideration.

Anonymous said...

ana gethe eg6era150 o zoge180 e6wel o mo met3awda albs flat a6er sanfora bs ohwa 3ajba 6oly ahm shay fdetah

o a7la shay lma el g6era ta5eth e6wel 3shan et7es enha na3ma o ma tekbar etkon katkotah

matla76on ena el6wal y7bon elmarah el g6erah ?

Bint ilKuwait said...

I prefer Tall :D

Anonymous said...

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