Monday, December 13, 2010

Go Sleep campaign

Go Sleep campaign

Join us on our Go sleep campaign , starting from tonight , u will get the best sleep and +dreams ever , no nightmares , no snoring and no staying awake till 6 a.m

Yeeh yeeh , I am silly and I am just kidding . God , I don’t sleep at all ?!?!?! I guess most of my tweeps know that, what should I do? I don’t take naps in the afternoon, I don’t sleep at night?!?! I pull together all my weekly sleeping hours , till weekends then sleep all day !!!


- I am a vampire

- I am a coke addict

- Or am a bat woman

- Or am a super hero

- Or I am a girl who m afraid to miss any single news, event, attack, word or whatever happening around me!! BBM , Twitter , blogs , whatsapp, smurf village on ipad , retail therapy on facebook what elese !!!!

So starting from tonight my campaign will start , I will leave all my devices OUT in the living room , tuck in bed from 9 P.M , read a book , read Quran , o bas

One thing that I can’t control , JJ , he snores mashalah : ( I don’t want him to leave the room o mashalah I tried everything nothing worked : (

So wish me luck and plz plz plz support

Although I am going to miss all that night tweeting ;)


The Stig said...

I do read.. delete contacts, or sms :P

It helps

Yara said...

close every thing
drink some herbal tea

relax and read