Thursday, December 16, 2010

Girls 2011 will be sooooooooooo feminine

i used to be that pink girly girl , my closet was all pink pink pink till i graduate , my taste , mode and style changed .

my lounge clothes are still pink , my ipod\ipad covers are pink bas no pink in public

but since i noticed that the Pantone Color Institute announced that the top color trend for 2011 is a vibrant reddish-pink called ( honeysuckle ) check it here

so what do u think ??? are you going to wear that pink ? i am not going to say a word cuz i know myself if its going to be trend i will do it ;)

thanks god JJ`s color is Red o he will not make fun of me ,

by the way i was shocked that day while i was talking with some girls that one of them can not wear any bright colors , what i mean of bright in her case is beige scarf ( hejab ) or gray , do u know why ???

her husband forbids her !!! does he have the right to do so ??

it is a color !!!

so back to our honeysuckle - which i thought when i first heard about it that its a yellowish honey color

So Chanel are having that lovely clutch  with pink shade !!

the pic is from
 hmmm what do u think ????


noora said...

3aksich! 7abeet il pink 3ala kobor :p

Unknown said...

i think it have a put into all my life like last year the coral green to turquoise i kinda revolved to my work more than my clothes

however honeypink seems soft like beige and will make it takes on minimalism trend i can't wait for spring