Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Drag racing !! Yah i am talking about racing ;)

Getting confused from the title ;) ? ? yeeh i adhere been mastering and becoming genius day by day in these stuff , I learned these words 2 ( elgzoozat , elbesatein :P ) to be honest I don’t know what are these however I act with JJ that I comprehend all those cars , motorbikes parts :P , and the most important thing , he feels delighted ;)

Most of my tweeps know that JJ is traveling, I’ve been tweeting about that all night because I couldn`t sleep : ( while he is away . it is not the 1st time for us to be apart , but usually I am the one who travels , so selfish I know and never thought about how it feels . he did travel before , once or twice , but I keep traveling more than 2 times a year !!

The difference between us , which I guess is the only difference , regarding traveling and getaways , I am so spontaneous , I don’t think about our budget plan , or any other plans :P to be honest , i think about Nothing except the trip that I am going to !! if it was me I don’t mind traveling every weekend , ( mom says the same last night :P )

My parents love exploring new places , I’ve been to some cities that there are no Arabs at all !! , any way JJ in the other hand , mashalah always have a plan and he sticks to it which I think it is something good . he is thinking about our future , thinking whether this trip is going to delay any important projects , even if he started his gym daily plan , don’t ever dare asking him to quit and have a vacation .

Mashalh he is so organized, but he don’t like to change his routine. Which is the opposite of me :P

So this month his friends r going to Drag racing in Qatar and I insist that he must go , yaah I am the coolest wife ever :P

Really he needs to feel that it’s ok to stop , have a break and come back ; ) I need him to feel that traveling is not that hard .

So that Kuwait is participating in that race , I goggled to get any news , couldn’t find anything : ( but please check Qatar racing club website mashalah mashalah mashlah …. Why we don’t have something like that ?? “Siiigh”

I am not gonna start complaining because nothing will change : (

Love Kuwait

Love JJ

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Nice post , Good Luck :)