Saturday, December 25, 2010


We wish u a marry Christmas .

I guess most of you my followers and blog readers know that i was looking for Christmas gifts for our housekeepers, one for my housekeeper, 2 for the maids of my mother in law and 2 for mom's .

I asked mom what's she is going to give them and she told me that she is getting them pajamas . We went to "soog alsalmeya " , and i found some great stuff . I bought perfumes sets , with glasses sets . Moreover I found cute Christmas gift bags ( I guess ) :p thats is what the sales man told me .

The perfume set , it smells good walah , u can see the glasses set in the back , so my theme is apples :)

I give them the gifts and they were so happy , as said i don't want to be judged that's 7aram or ma yjooz, but i know one thing , those ladies , left their homes and beloved ones , just to work for us , keeping our houses clean and tidy , and to let us sleep all day without wondering who is going to. Iron my clothes or cocking lunch , so they deserve it . :)

Here are the bags

I love Christmas's spirits , I am wondering why don't people feel the same for Eid ??? I guess it's an obligation for parents to let their children feel the happiness of Eidees , not complaining all the time in front of them that they are not in the mood , o malhom khilg o they run away , travel or go to shaleeh just to not celebrate the Eid .

I wish i can see more decorations for Eids everywhere , i saw that in malaysia kan Shay 3jeeb

So i just woke up just to post ;)

A new year is getting closer , wish everything will be more than fine :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello my dear,
I just read your post .. gorgeous as always :)
However, I noticed that there is a link to google maps attached to it. I guess that its to your home via location services of iPad. I am not sure if you are aware of it or not, but I think I should let you know.
Have a good day my dear :)

The Stig said...

So cool to see someone share the good moments with their maids.. But as you mentioned..I guess if we started with saying Merry Christmas is 7aram, but we can replay.

My dad was always making them happier at our eids, but giving them good eideya.

Anyway, I know you don't mean it and it was a nice gesture of you to make them sleep with a smile on their faces.

Hope they don't spit in your food anymore :p

Unknown said...

i call what you did "إحسان" and i love it

Anonymous said...

3sakum 3algwah

NewQ8 Bride said...

Anon: oh thanks alot yah i noticed that ;) just trying that new blogging app np :)

The Stig : enshalah they are not spitting :P any way i guess yes we shouldnt start the merry Christmas greetings m and to be honest i never greet them , i just give them the gifts saying i would like to thank u for everything you r doing to me :) bas so they know its christmas

Samaher Tariq : i am so happy that you r reading my blog thanks a lot :) and yes its a kind of e7san enshalah :)

Anon: thanks :)