Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas gifts

I am writing this post not to be judged plz (yjooz or ma yjooz ) .

I am looking for gifts to give my house maids , do u have any ideas ? Last year I gave them Christmas Mugs with donuts from crispy cream , this year I don't know what to give them .

I am thinking of perfume sets , or pajamas ??

Any ideas ????

I want agift 2 :P

yes I will get myself a new year gift , still I didn't decided ;)


Anonymous said...

3a6ehm bounce :)

umm 3laich bel3afya el shoes fe l last post bs 3ndy so2al ana sizey 38 y3ni law ba6lb sizy UK 8 or 6?


NewQ8 Bride said...

H: loool la mabee abe a36ehom gift :)

about the size , ana my size is 38 so b ana my size is 5 :)

Kuwaitiful said...

Get them a pair of Crocs, they will be very thankful, as it will make their job a lot more comfortable.

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

Gift ideas, hmmm, I LOVE CHRISTMAS :P
if they are philipenos they'll love teady bears. get them christmas stocking with chocolate inside and a large teadybear.
just an idea.

The Manhattan Team said...

How about FootzyRolls? They're cute, practical, affordable & they come in a cute pink tin ready for gifting :)

Good luck & Happy Holidays! :)

Danderma said...

hmmm a nice cosey set of pj's min La Senza mathalan m3a their slippers

but it depends 3lehom... maybe a nice set of accessories? or if it's cold o they go out a lot a nice gloves/shawl/dlaq set yetdafoon feeh?

Perfumes shesawon fehom mesaken ymkin mo 3la thooqhom... creams would make them happier especially hand therapy cream w3liya!

By the way intay 7orra kefich... dam inhom khadamich o t7tich fe beetich o taben itfar7en gloobhom ib 3eedhom hatha shay insani ma a3teqed Allah ma yertha ner7am il maskeen o infar7ah mahma kanat dyantah!

Expat and the City said...

That is very kind of you. I think a cute pajama set and matching slippers would be nice. You can throw in the perfume too. ;)

AMA Traveler said...

WOW ! love the idea of gift to ourselves ;P go on get u a new something dear ! o for el maids el christmas pyjamas cute o tra ousho emsawii sale ;) great prices

Anonymous said...

يبيلهم كيكة يستانسون عليها

واكسسوارات من الميرة ولا المباركية

Anonymous said...

عطيهم كرت تيلفون عشان يكلمون اهلهم

NewQ8 Bride said...



The Manhattan Team


i am a traveler


thanks all so much sorry for replying earlier