Monday, December 27, 2010

شوف القمر عالي ...... و لا يمكن يطيح

It’s easy to make anyone cry

They saw you , smiling and laughing with your friends , they called you , whisper the 2 words in your ears , ruined your day (for me my year ) and left !!!!!!! if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it

It’s not easy to make me cry , but what breaks me down that I was extremely Happy : (

One thing : I am strong enough to face the hardest life`s obstacles , So she makes me fall down , but I know I will climb to the top again enshalah , and yes ana elgomar :(  keefe


noora said...

allah yarziqich ily fe balich o0 ya36eech min wase3 ne3meta

smile and dont let it get into u :) 7amdilla 3al ahal wel sa7a wil 3afya

o0 3ala qolat Waleedan from saher ileal "ya qomaRRR" ;D

AMA Traveler said...

you are the moon and U know it ;* Words can't bring us down remember this

NewQ8 Bride said...

noora : :* 7abeebte walah thank u , kil shay rzg o ama ratheya 100% bas etha kentay mestansa ma taben nas eyoonich b esloob baykh

i`m a Traveler : 7abeebtee walah ma tdreeeen shkether merta7a o mt6amna enkom ma3ay

Rumaitha said...

Thos people are always envious and ignorant. 3asa doom ma yekoon fee kalam ye6ay7ech. You are a star let a lone the moon. You are way high up there when those who name call you are way down there, yendasu.

Cheer up and don't let such words affect you, ma yestahloon.

NewQ8 Bride said...

Rummy : thank u so much 3laa halklaam el7looo , la walah 37naa moshkltnaa enah fe nas ma t3rf tekhtar elkalmat el9a7 bas :)

thanks alot