Thursday, December 02, 2010

لحظة حب

تمنيت ازور قطر من كثر ما حجوا فيها

قالوا اهلها ما زانت بلادنا الا يوم نور حبيبج



newly_wed said...

so romantic :)

its really not easy to keep that romance spark alive// and being away from each other brings it back a notch :) couple of days back was my birthday and Ot took me to an arabic movie : bolbol hayran) overall its a comedy movie, but there were two scenes that made me have butterflies in my stomach...

one when he looked at hala and told her: you jelous?

and the second when he told hala he left his fiance.

expressions affect me alot, the pause before ur loved one talks to you, it says that he is listening, and observing you.. so romantic..

any way, i got it out of my system, i wanted to share this with some one :D

NewQ8 Bride said...

Eee walah 9ij I belive in that , we need that moments that brings back the sparkle of love , with time , talking about me mn kether ma e7na so close 9rna shway chenah rabe3 ;) but this trip makes him feel that he is still in the love phase :P ashwaa

Thanks a lot for passing by sis :