Thursday, December 30, 2010

i got her call .........

Newbride : Hello ?? who is this ??

the caller : Hi new Bride , it’s me

Newbride : ??? sorry , but who r you ?

The Caller : i will give u a hint , am arriving too soon i will spend a year with you , and you u know my sisters for 29 years

Newbride : oohhhh yaaah . ahlaan 2011 i was expecting your call

2011 : glad you notice , i will be there soon , any way i thought that u and i need to know each other before i arrive , i mean hmmm just to let me know what are our plans

Newbride: of course i do , i loved your sister 2010 , she was nice with me not like 2009 we didn't like each other at all

2011: hmm plz they r both my sisters

Newbride: i know , but i am telling the truth , 2010 , I returned back to the real me

2011 : Yes I can feel that ;)

Newbride : hmmm , ok let me start with most important issue , with you i will enter a new phase , i will say good bay to my twenties and i will enter my thirties , yah 30 , three zero

2011: ok so ??

Newbride : Be kind with me plz :) turning 30 is enough :P

2011 : enshalah u will be gorgeous , beautiful and a newbride (3aroosa) as always

I guess u love that movie 13going 30 and u especially when shay throw that spell: thirty , flirty and thriving

Newbride: oh you r reading my mind , that’s what i really want , am not done yet , shall i go on ?

2011 : dear i am listening

Newbride: I want my parents to be happy and healthy , i can’t take it if anything happened to them ,

JJ is my life , I want his smile shine my days all the time , I want him to be around me , I will do my best to not let him get mad on me

my brothers and my sister , love them plz give them what they really wanted .

my friends , i guess your sisters told u that before , i cant live without them , plz i want them to get whatever they r looking for


2011 : wait wait , I know we r going to be a great friends , but God who planned all that , just pray , and ask God for what you wanted and enshalah everything will be the way you wanted

Newbride : Enshalah i hope so , waiting for you dear

2011 : be ready for me enshalah everything will be more than great

Newbride : ooh one more thing

2011: !!!

Newbride: please i want my country to be the Gulf`s bride again plz

2011: tell them to not rape her so she can be a real Bride

Newbride : lets wait and see , lets wait and see

Monday, December 27, 2010

HomeBerry yammy yammy

4 years ago , when i moved to Rehab area residing with my husband`s family , i was so stressed and disappointed , i hated the area , so different from Mishref , everything was so far and i felt isolated . less than a year , the avenues opened ;) so ana wahyee kheer :P it's too close to me that i ve been going there daily , now ??? i will never move from Alrehab ;)

but the only thing that i hated is the delivery , sometimes i got shocked when i call to order dinner or dessert and they replay : sorry mom we do not deliver there !!! madree ween there 3ad el kuwait bro7haa katkoota , netfa

any way , so pinkberry became an addiction for me , and because it's easy to go there and get me the yoghurt i love epically when they opened next to ikea , its becomes almost daily grind

any way , tonight i was not in the mood to go out ( mako car a9lan ) so i called HomeBerry and i was expecting the answer , for my surprise they said Ok mom we r in the way !! waay so happy :) thank u , thank u so much

less than a hour the truck was here ,i got my fresh frozen yogurts , 9ar show shway bl share3 bas keefhom :P

and now i am enjoying my lovely Homeberry frozen yoghurt

شوف القمر عالي ...... و لا يمكن يطيح

It’s easy to make anyone cry

They saw you , smiling and laughing with your friends , they called you , whisper the 2 words in your ears , ruined your day (for me my year ) and left !!!!!!! if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it

It’s not easy to make me cry , but what breaks me down that I was extremely Happy : (

One thing : I am strong enough to face the hardest life`s obstacles , So she makes me fall down , but I know I will climb to the top again enshalah , and yes ana elgomar :(  keefe

He is tall , she is short?? i found the solution , footzyrolls!!

Yes this is a conflict every couple with a different heights suffer from :P especially men :P

when i was young i thought dad and brothers are the tallest men in the universe , after i got married ,i entered a hall new world :P

JJ is tall , mashalah , my father-in-law is taller , my mother-in-law mashalah is tall 2 , and my sister-in-law mashaalah mashalah super tall for a girl , and of ofcourse i am the one who arrived to their home , short 7dee , with a small hands , small shoe size according to them :P

any way , i love wearing super high high heels , but hanging out with jj wearing high heel is one of the toughest situations I've been through : / he walks so fast that i look so stupid trying to catch up with his steps , at the beginning he was that charming new husband who walk so slowly , but then khlaaa9 he got bored :P so i started to wear flats with him , yah i look like a kid but np aham shay i walk nafs el3alam :P

any way , sometimes i got out of work to meet him for lunch at the avenues o marrat akoon labsa highheels , so if am not having a spare flat got stuck

so the footzyrolls i ordered from the manhattan are the best solution check my pervious post :)

Katkoot so tiny

it can fit in your clutch ;P

ouch !!!! it hurts , khlaa9 no more pain just wear your footzyrolls :P heheh meshtahya atklam b da3ayaa

so small to fit between your shoes in your crowded closet ;)

so now no worries dear husband , i will race u :P shtabee ba3ad

so tell me girls do u  prefer tall man ? or same heights ?? and guys do prefer your girl to be short or tall ??

Sunday, December 26, 2010

u will find everything @TheManhattan

its the last Sunday of this year :)

no i am not going to post my new year post yet ;)

so while i was looking for the best gifts , i received a lovely comment from

The Manhattan Team. "How about FootzyRolls? They're cute, practical, affordable & they come in a cute pink tin ready for gifting :)

Good luck & Happy Holidays! :)"

i am sure all of you know their website :) but i will talk about my experience with them .
on 2009 , i gained more than 18 kg regarding some health issues (trying to get pregnant ) with all the medicine i ave been taken and mood swings thingy that i keep eating everything in front of me :P

so this year , thanks God i lost 15 kg (Mashalah ) yaah i am afraid i am going to a7sed myself :P and yes i am back to life and to the real me :D

i dropped 2 jeans sizes , from 14 UK to 10 UK

i kept wearing some of them which i really love , and i don't want to give away yet , so i started wearing them with belts and i hate all that bulking that happens because of the belts !!

till i ordered

loved it and i am wearing it with all my jeans es , especially that the jeans got looser by time and i hate that love handles falling here and there :P

so you have to give it a try , its a must in every wardrobe :)

and now its for sale only 8 K.D

i didn't buy the footzy rolls they recommended as a Christmas gift because i noticed that my housekeeper wanted some glasses sets , so i got the perfume and the glasses set

but i order it today for me

 i really need it because i usually keep a pair of flats in my car , so i believe footsy rolls are the best solution for me :)

i just made my order and i am waiting to receive it :)

so if u need to get a great gift , or to buy your self a trendy stuff don't hesitate  to check  The MANHATTAN:)

one more thing , i loved they way they got connected with people by commenting , that shoes how updated they are and definitely you will trust their services

Saturday, December 25, 2010


We wish u a marry Christmas .

I guess most of you my followers and blog readers know that i was looking for Christmas gifts for our housekeepers, one for my housekeeper, 2 for the maids of my mother in law and 2 for mom's .

I asked mom what's she is going to give them and she told me that she is getting them pajamas . We went to "soog alsalmeya " , and i found some great stuff . I bought perfumes sets , with glasses sets . Moreover I found cute Christmas gift bags ( I guess ) :p thats is what the sales man told me .

The perfume set , it smells good walah , u can see the glasses set in the back , so my theme is apples :)

I give them the gifts and they were so happy , as said i don't want to be judged that's 7aram or ma yjooz, but i know one thing , those ladies , left their homes and beloved ones , just to work for us , keeping our houses clean and tidy , and to let us sleep all day without wondering who is going to. Iron my clothes or cocking lunch , so they deserve it . :)

Here are the bags

I love Christmas's spirits , I am wondering why don't people feel the same for Eid ??? I guess it's an obligation for parents to let their children feel the happiness of Eidees , not complaining all the time in front of them that they are not in the mood , o malhom khilg o they run away , travel or go to shaleeh just to not celebrate the Eid .

I wish i can see more decorations for Eids everywhere , i saw that in malaysia kan Shay 3jeeb

So i just woke up just to post ;)

A new year is getting closer , wish everything will be more than fine :)

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christian Louboutin ;)


eyaaaanin ;)

just watch Christian Louboutin switching the Holiday lights at Net-A-Porter ;)

he is unique :)

Christmas gifts

I am writing this post not to be judged plz (yjooz or ma yjooz ) .

I am looking for gifts to give my house maids , do u have any ideas ? Last year I gave them Christmas Mugs with donuts from crispy cream , this year I don't know what to give them .

I am thinking of perfume sets , or pajamas ??

Any ideas ????

I want agift 2 :P

yes I will get myself a new year gift , still I didn't decided ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 عزيزي بريد الكويت ....تتغشمر مثلا

مادري لي متى هذا الموضوع ؟؟ بريد الكويت ازمة الكويت الأولى

يمكن في ناس تقول منو يستخدم البريد الحين ؟؟ لا لازم نستخدمه ، لي الحين اكو جهات رسمية تحتاج مراسلات بالبريد

الطرود بعضها لي الحين يوصل بالبريد

انا من فترة وقفت التعامل مع ارامكس ، خلاص لاعت جبدي منهم ماكو مصداقية و كل مرة سعر و اذونا وايد

بعدها قمت اشتري من سايتات توصل الكويت على طول و اوكي ياخذون رسوم توصيل دولية لكن بلأخير تكونون عارفين انتو شنو دافعين

من السايتات اللي احبها

طبعا انا ادري ان الوقت يطول على التوصيل بالكويت مادري عنهم اللي يسمع الكويت ولايات

بس الشي اللي صار بدعوا فيه ووصلوا الى اقصى مراحل التحضر و الإبداع

الساعة 9 الصبح

امي و ابوي قاعدين بالبيت يتريقون

و فجأة ينحذف كرتون من فوق السور !!!!!و مفتوح بعد ؟؟؟؟؟


هذي طريقة توصيل ؟؟ ما فكر الأخ انه ينزل و يطق الجرس و يتأكد انه في احد موجود بالبيت !!!!!!خل نفرض انه ماكو احد بالبيت و الوقت بالليل و متأخر ، فرضا طق مطر !؟!؟!؟ احنا حديقة بيتنا يشتغل رشاش الماي بين فترة و فترة !!فرضا انا طالبة شغلات حجمها صغير ؟؟ جان تنثرت بكل مكان

هذا شكل الكرتون لما وصلني

رحت بيتنا و خذيت الصندوق و رحت مركز بريد مشرف ، سالت عن مديرة المركز و دخلت عليها
كانت انسانة وايد محترمة مادري و الله نسيت اسمها بس كان اسم عايلتها "حاتم"كان ودي اشكرها الصراحه على اسلوبها اللي اينن

بس شافت البوكس و شافت الختم اللي عليه مكتوب مركز الفرز جان تقول لا هذا التوصيل مو من عندنا من الإدارة اللي بالمطار

و قالت روحي لهم لأن مسؤولتهم تدور الأخطاء لأنها تبي تعدل الوضع

انا غلطتي ما خذيت رقمهم 

بس اسم المديرة

وفاء محمد النكاس

انشالله ودي امرهم

بس اللي يقدر يساعدني و يحصلي على الرقم  راح اعطيه هديه


رسالتي انشالله توصل حق الإخت وفاء النكاس
so Now

my lovely shoes

i am so in love with them , So adorable and looks elegant and fashionable an yaa they are comfortable which is really a surprise i was not sure that i am going to get a comfortable shoes in that prise

u can find more at

Sunday, December 19, 2010

رحلة الأندلسيات -Women only

a7laaa safraa bnaaaat dont miss it

6ab3an ana kan wedde aroo7 but rfejte el7lwaa elee kant mnthamaa el trip galt le o ehya ga3da teth7ak enah no lazem tkonen 7aftha Quran , kilh , walah thag khlge ga3da agool mashalah kil el girls ele bero7on 7aftheen quran o ana loser o mn halklam

akher hay after i planned something else yat tgolee ha 9adgtay ?? she was kidding :P

enshalah next time

Cinderella ,,,, صدقتي

"A Dream is a wish your heart Makes "

BY :Cinderella

my dear Bebo gave me that Cinderella  key

u made my day

it will be the key for all the closed doors in my life

u can order that key from Polkalicious

for 19 K.D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kuwait Soccer Team , 3azooz , Crush

i don`t mean to judge , but its my opinion , Kuwait soccer Team at the University ?!?!?! big fail

am sorry but what r students going to  learn or gain from that celebration ??

anyway i guess most of u watched lots of videos on youtube :) girls screaming : 3azooz :P

so he is the new habba now :)

i remember long time ago :P Bashar 3abdalah kaan el hit ;)

any way walah i don't blame the girls walh shay that's natural , but why they celebrate at the universities campuses ??

that day i asked JJ who is that 3abde3zez he told me to google him , i found some pictures , hmm yah he is ok , after watching the youtube and all the girls were dying calling him 3azooz , we were talking about that , one of the girls said yeeh he is hot and no one can blame them !!

other girl showed me that pic from 3azoz `s fans facebook page

hmmm ok girls No one is going to blame you :P (sorry jj don`t get me wrong ) but yes he is cute

do u know what is the funny thing ??? everyone is calling him 3azoooooz

hmmm at the 70s ?? do u think our mothers do have crushes for celeb ?? hmm i guess jaesm ya3goob got fans , i mean girls fans , who else do u think ?? i know that women loved Abdulhaleem Hafeth , and other celebs from Egypt , my mother loves politics so she used to have something for jamal Abdulnaser President of Egypt from 1956 until his death .


so now i will spread my wikileaks :P

my crushes through the years :

New Kids

Jonathan Taylor

Leonardo DiCaprio

Rashed Almajed (Almesafer ra7 phase ) :P

And my big big big Fail :P

Rushdi Abatha

he is hot

;) even 9ba7 said once that he is one of the best of her husbands and she will choose him in Heaven :)

i guess i have to stop now for security purposes :P

To U : As Sabah Said "i will choose U in Heaven " enshalah

Girls 2011 will be sooooooooooo feminine

i used to be that pink girly girl , my closet was all pink pink pink till i graduate , my taste , mode and style changed .

my lounge clothes are still pink , my ipod\ipad covers are pink bas no pink in public

but since i noticed that the Pantone Color Institute announced that the top color trend for 2011 is a vibrant reddish-pink called ( honeysuckle ) check it here

so what do u think ??? are you going to wear that pink ? i am not going to say a word cuz i know myself if its going to be trend i will do it ;)

thanks god JJ`s color is Red o he will not make fun of me ,

by the way i was shocked that day while i was talking with some girls that one of them can not wear any bright colors , what i mean of bright in her case is beige scarf ( hejab ) or gray , do u know why ???

her husband forbids her !!! does he have the right to do so ??

it is a color !!!

so back to our honeysuckle - which i thought when i first heard about it that its a yellowish honey color

So Chanel are having that lovely clutch  with pink shade !!

the pic is from
 hmmm what do u think ????

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tangled / honeymoon

Watching that movie is a must , so romantic and funny 2

i am not going to spoil it , go and watch it .

that scene , incites my feeling , reminds me of my honeymoon when we went to firefly watch trip . we were kind of new to each other , so he didn't tell me no when i mentioned that trip to him , and i was shocked that we took 2 hours just to reach the place to take a10 minutes ride by a bout :P

maybe he was mad on me but he didn't tell :P cuz it was our first trip together

still remember my feelings , i was excited and scared , he told me later that he was scared too , he was so proactive and so nervous that he wanted everything to be fine

although we didn't travel after our wedding ,we spend 3 months together then we had our honeymoon , and i recommend that to all new couples , be patient , stay with each other for a while , get to know each other's day`s routine , she may be a morning person , and u may be not , or he don't like to have breakfast and u do !! small details to be discovered while u r still home , much better than abroad , i didn't mean series stuff bas to know each other 3del so u can have the perfect honeymoon :)

after 4 years , my heart still pounding every time i remember or watch the photos

Love u JJ

New Blog on the Block

i guess most of you read about that blog from The king of bloggers Mr.Frankom

she is that girl who gives me hope every morning when i arrive to work on Sunday half sleep , and half awake welcoming me by : marwa miss u kilkom abee almkom .

She is that girl whom i see her eyes glowing every time she arranged a trip to her family

she is that girl that u can get positive energy from her , i learned a lot from her , and she means a lot me , i feel sorry that i didn't know her for a long time , but i know that its our destiny to meet almost five years ago .

She is a human of course , and she may get through some issues , but i know she is strong enough to face all her problems .

her blog will be one of the best blogs i know that enshalah :)

did u know who she is ?? she is my shosho , my lovely friend shosho

i posted about her before :



plz plz plz u have to check her blog i am a traveler

wish u all the best dear ;)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Arab Girl Blog

oh :) i am so glad that i ve been introduced to all Arab girl blog :) and i would like to thank the owner for admitting my blog there :)


wooooow so happy , hope i will get my sparkle back ;)


thanks alot  :)


its an amazing blog girls , must add it to your favorite list


Monday, December 13, 2010

Yalaah Girls Lets Winter :P

finally , its winter , it cold , i know its with dust not snow of course. i was strong enough to resist the temptation to wear boots the past days .

So now i cant Wait , i ordered my mucks boots 2 months ago :P and i am so desperate to wear them

still in the box

one more ( yes bakher3 el winter ) 6al3t my home boots :P , am wearing summer clothes cuz usually , i don't like to wear thick cloths , my body always warm , but so in love with boots

sorry with my halaga :P covering  for th pic :P

yalaah girls enjoy ;) and open your closets o yalaaah Winter