Tuesday, November 23, 2010

lanvin for H&M Kuwait

i went to bed early , set my alarm and of course i woke up late :( i woke up at 8 a.m , my friends Shosho and Bebo were there waiting for me , and i missed it .

dressed up and call them , 8: 30 am there , and nothing left !!!!

7yatee my girls i love them so much i showed them the dress that i wanted a day before , so they saw the dress with girl and they asked her where did she find it ?? then the cute girl asked her mom if she needs it or not , then she asked them : do you want it ? they said yes even without looking to they size , the called me telling me even if its not my size , i should loose more weight :P

waay i love them the dress was perfect :) i know lots people will say : ambeeh so cheep no way neshtree mn H&M , but for me the experience itself was amazing , and yah we skipped work ;)
 me with the mask :P

Us with Aisha from H&M PR

she is so cute :)


more pic my bebo ;)


Bint ilKuwait said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 3alaaich bil 3afyaa 7abeeebtiiii;**

Anonymous said...

3alich bel 3afya dear but for me i didnt plan to go shda3wa min 8 clock !! il9ara7a ma 3ndohom salfa ilmfroth ekonon yayaben large shipment for kuwait for both branches mo 8-30 all sold out !

some people were realy mean i heared that they grab everything ! even they didint wanted to buy it or not there size? !! na7asa

come on!! :P

karmovic said...

hello i am karmow i work for H&M avenues branch i would love to answer all ur question a bout H&M and any up coming designer collaboration campaign and any events happening at our stores :) thanks

hiiiiiii all want to share u some of lanvin launch Pix and give me ur feedback, this lauch have been done by the VM team and the the staff of H&M and support from the operations, the location is in kuwait at avenues mall