Saturday, November 13, 2010

the lady in Black

The car parked next to me, an Indian driver got out and opened the door to the old lady who talked to someone inside the car while she was walking away to the supermarket followed by her driver . I couldn’t see who is there , because the car's windows were all BLACK , after few minutes , the door opened , She get out the car , slammed the door , walked just like one of the best supermodels in Chanel's runway , i was sitting in my car looking at her , I lost contact with the outer world once her foot stepped on the ground.

She was covered in black , Silk Black Abaya and a BLACK veil . No other color . She entered the pharmacy , talked to the pharmacist , he was smiling and his eyes were shining , I felt the sweat in my palms , God what's wrong with me !! Jealous?????

She turned , looking at something , Now I can see her profile from the side , God . she is perfect , she bent down , releasing her shoes straps then she get on the scale to check her weight . the pharmacists came and stand next to her , I don’t know what did she told him to make him laugh that loud , I wanted to kill him , you don’t deserve to be with her , go away , that what I was shouting inside my head . She looked happy from the number she saw in screen , she is perfect , I know it .

She get down the scale , bent again to wear her high heels , she left up her Abaya , God forgive me I couldn’t resist staring , I couldn't look away , her legs were white just like the marbles of Castles , the BLACK strappy high heels reflected the beauty of her feet just like Cinderella wearing her glass shoes , oh no way , my lady in black will make Cinderella burn from jealousy just the way she did to her step sisters .

She turned around went out walking straight to me , I mean to their car , she left her face up , her BLACK wide eyes met mine, I cant stand her beauty , she was wearing that crimson red lipstick , when she smiles to me , I wished that I can paused that moment and look at her my hall life .

Her mom came back , the driver opened the doors , they entered the car and They Left

That’s my lady in BLACK

PLz don’t get me wrong , I am not homo or something ;) I saw that scene in the pharmacy that day , the girl , with her Abaya and everything , but guys who were parking in front of the pharmacy , were shouting and flirting with her , I imagined if one of them looked at her just like the man who was in my short story ; )


Rumaitha said...

Awww I love this short story..!! Lovely one..

Expat and the City said...

I like your blog a lot. I'm going to add it to my list. :)

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