Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Day With iCity

What an adventure: ) if your following me on twitter , I guess you will know what I am talking about :P

It's the " iCity Treasure for twitter followers" competition

Let me start from the beginning, they tweeted about the competition last week , to be honest with you , I was not series about registering , I usually tease my brother and my nephew for their aggressive attitude if any one mentioned anything negative about apple's products :P really as if they are the owners :P

So I remembered the contest and told them heeeeey guys I am going to participate in icity treasure hunt ;P

They got mad , and that is what I am looking for ( yeh ana shreera ;) )

I sent my Name , Email , contact no , they DM me back the date and the time , Tuesday 6 P.M . location: iCity ALshweekh I told my friends to apply , non of them did .

I asked JJ if he can come with me , at the beginning he told me to go with one of my friends and yah we argued about it then he agreed .

So today at 5:30 , I told him "dear I am not going I feel sleepy" . he got mad and said after all that " 7anna " from u , we r going .

So 1st Location :

iCity : Shwaikh

I went inside , meet Mr. Ghassan Rahim . Retail Operation Manager

and a lovely lady who asked me about my name and asked me 2 questions . till here I was not expecting that there will be another locations !! she told us to go to Health stop Salmeya Branch .

Hmmm I got kind of confused , I told jj ambeeh sorry walah didn’t know enah fe other locations , gal yalaah tra esht6eet shway.

I made a huge fuzz about it bl BBM , girls really supported me by changing their statues to : Go Go April ;)

we stick the stickers 3la jj's car , then we reached health stop ,

look at za7mat el salmeya

Location 2 : Health Stop –Alsalmeya Branch

Another Lady asked us 2 more questions , I thought its the end !! she offered us a cookie and drink

 then to go to ALmanshar @ @ ambeeeh Nooooooo jj will kill me :P

maskeen he was excited 7ram ,

the way to fhahel

Location 3 : Almanshar – Fahahel


. we have to look for a shop called Mobility when I went inside I saw a couple and yeh she is in twitter ;)

is it the end ?!?!? No , they gave us a gift , iphone cover . and the lovely girl asked us 2 more questions then to go to health stop aljabreya , oh God till know I am still fine , I felt kind of tired but I am still ok .

Location 4 : Health stop Aljabreya .

Aljabrey was like a hell , za7maaa . keep in mind everybody was following me , encouraging me I called mom and I told her , so el kil meshta6 .

A guy from twitter was there before me , I waited out side till he is done , then I went inside , 2 more questions , free meal coupon and back again to ALshwaikh . No No No No plz t3bt , my stomach hurts me , and I am dizzy .

Location 5 : iCity Alshwaikh

Reached Alshwaikh the lady asked 2 more questions , and gave me a discount coupon and a card with number 3 , and told us to go to the avenues iCity branch to enter the draw !!! shnooo a draw ???? ambeeh nooooo : (

Typical newbride will give up and go back home , jj had other plans and he can't make it but he kept telling me to go .

It was almost 9 o'clock then , the draw was on 10 . back home , washed ma face and walah I was going to fall down , 9ij .

Finally the last location , avenues

, thanks God hubby`s house next to it , all the ladies we meet at the locations were there , they checked my name and gave me my card which was the number 3 card . I must wait till 10 . I went to starbucks cuz walah I cant see or feel anything around me .

Drinking coffee b starbucks , o tweeting a lot + nagging till 10 , I went back , so the 3 of us were there so the drow only 3la 3 numbers : )

There was a prize for getting the highest scores for answering the questions , I was shocked that I got the highest score @ @ the prize was 50$ iTunes cards ;) wooow , gelt el7mdelah , at least I am back with something ;)

Then the draw, a girl mixed the card , the cute girl alaa kanat blmanshar picked one card and the number is


Ha ?!?!?! 3 !?!?! no way ? never win a draw before !!!! el7mdelah el7amdelah I did it , at least for the sake if the poor girls elmsht6een with me :P

Again thanks to iCity , I had so much fun and it was really a great experience follow them , there will be more prizes and competitions ,

Everyone don’t give up , and be patient

" No Matter how your heart is grieving , if u keep on believing , the dreams that you wish will come true " – Cinderella


SandyBelle_Q8 said...

Congratz sweetie :* you earned it Fair and Square *thumbs up*

Jacqui said...

Congrats it seemed like a tough scavenger hunt I would've given up but the fact that there were only 3 could be a reason to stick through with it hehe :D