Thursday, October 14, 2010

و ابتدينا :)

اي بدا الجد ، انا بالنسبة لي بدا الجد و بدت الحياة الصجية

و اكون صريحة و اعترف اعتراف

وايد خايفة و ما عندي اي استعداد نفسي

Sorry i will write in English cuz now am using my iPad . Elmohem el7mdelah 6l3t el arth o now bedena eltafkeer to be honest I am so scared i feel it is a huge project.6ab3an jj mashalah mashalah waayed y7eb yfaker o y7atee waaaaayed , o ana akthaaar bas madree shfenee waayed waayed m6nsha !!!! Mo m6nsha kether ma Ana khayfa

Fe Shay thane ykhalnee a39b mom alaah yhadeeha gamt tgolee khlaa9 al7een basich le3eb !!away yomaaAa shno shno ! I feel like i am 50yrs !!

JJ 9ayer waayed 3a9bee we didn't even started the plan , 9yer ma yt7mal ay Shay mnee now o am writing the post we had a fight . Usually asma3 enah kill el men yshtkoon mn their wives lama yabnon so to avoid all that ana mkhalya kil shay 3aleeh o m3a93b 3alay

Alaah y3nee Walsh ana mn al7eeen ta3banaaa :(

Akthar Shay thab7ne enah ome tool khlaa9 no more shopping o no traveling !! Ya3nee lazm a3eeesh 3eesha kaseefa lama abnee !!



Sn3a said...

ماشاء الله
شي يخوف ما تنلامين انا داري من سنه بغيرها متردده بالالوان و الصبغ
هالمره ارض وبنيان

الله يوفقكم و ديروبالكم من المقاولين
ماتنلام امج البنيان ياكل الفلوس
حاولي تهيئين نفسج على موارذ محدودة فتره بسيطه و مردج بتستانسين ان شاءالله
طولي بالج و اهو بسوي بيت من الصفر اكيد
الاعصاب بتكون واحد يمه مليون صفر;p

Nikon 8 said...

بالمبارك إنشاءالله

لجين الكادي said...

امبيييه الله يعينيج, عاد الرياييل ما ينبغون ليما يبنون, انا قايلة بشتري بيت جاهز لاني ماراح اتحمل ريلي اذا بيبني اهوة بروحه مليق من الله لوووووول.. ميخالف طولي بالج مثل ما انتي خايفة اكيد اهوة متوتر لانه بيت العمر ولازم يتخذ قرارات صعبة و كثيرة, كلها سنة ان شاءالله و ينبني البيت و يصير هدوء و استقرار باذن الله قولي امين

Anonymous said...

Mashallah, good luck with the house. I know it can be a scary project and a big deal, but bear with it, cuz in the end when ur living in the place u created, it will be such a pleasure and all the hard work will pay off.
when it comes to the husband though, plz be patient sweetie, they become a nastier version of Dr. jekyll and Mr. Hyde!! really!! My husband was building an apartment only above his parents house, and he started when we were engaged it was suppost to finsih before the wedding. Of course it didn't and went 5 months over. Thank god we had a long engagement so i knew what a great person he was because if i went by the first few months of marriage we would not have lasted!!!!
my advice to you is plan ahead, pace yourself, get advice (but dont listen to all :P) and be involved with the decision making, sometimes husbands have good ideas and sometimes they DONT and if the concrete has been set its hard to change :P also if ur current living aranngement is not a financial burden try not to stress on deadlines cuz they will ALWAYS BE LATE, ALWAYS!!!
and make a deal with ur husband for the sake of ur marrage and also his sanity, that one day a week will be bonyan free day, no phone calls to mokawal, no talk about house unless its fun and just do something u and him, even if its just watching tv together!
all the best babe!