Monday, September 13, 2010

U made me dream of U

That's me , when I fall in love , I fell really hard :P . when i feel affection for a bag or a fashionable high heels I cant stop thinking till I got them . why I have to take all that time to go and buy what I want ?? because a7eb ashtree designers bags or shoes mn barrah lama akon msafra lazm ykoon fbalee or 3nde list feha shno abe ashtree .

so now i will kill for that Louboutin Clou Noeud high heels i posted about before Christian Louboutin

elmishkla mane lageya el color :( i asked bnt khalte b dubi to check it for me , ba3ad ma legat el color :(

so last night i had that dream that i bought the heels , when i opened the box !!! the color was silver :( then i told the sales lady to look up for the color I wanted but she ignored me and i don't know what happened later but Christian Louboutin came to me and told me to go with him to his car he opened the car`s boot o gave me a box :P i woke up o still I didn’t wear it :(

so enshalah i will find it somewhere


newly_wed said...

awal shay 3edich mbarak 3asa tit7agag kil amaneech ya rab,. second here is a link for all ur shopping guides, it s a site that easily locates what u want, this is the link for louboutin :

i only found it in black in barneys new york, and while i was looking i came across this post :, it seems alot of celebs love this one too :D

Anonymous said...

I believe this is the shoe you are looking for:
It is available in Black,

But the one in Nude:
It is out of stock from the official site, but keep checking sometimes they restock, good luck!

habbosh said...

hi dear check alothman they just got new loubs and i found my long 2 years to find my open toe short heel louby :) hope u find urs:)

Unknown said...