Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My machlaa Body Works

Body Works booth at Alshameya Mall will be shut down , so they r having 50% discount although they r over priced already , the owner told hubby long time ago to pass by and get what we wanted , but i didn't , today we went there and unfortunately most of the stuff that i love are not in stock , i went out with :

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Black Amethyst

Twilight Woods

i guess i didnt get the 50% discount ?!?! the total price was 79 KD , after discount 59KD

but i dont mind :)

i wish the store will opened here in kuwait


Anonymous said...

In the states, 59 KD, can buy u the whole store lol tara thats too expensive ...bs 3alaich bl 3afya, aham shay u enjoy them :))

Anonymous said...

oh realy !!! why will they close ? im so sad dayman amrhoom m3a ena as3arhom agla mn albage.. le al7en fe 50% 5asem?

The Manhattan Team said...

We have a limited amount of B&BW products available at The-Manhattan.Net for very reasonable prices, just FYI :)


Anonymous said...

hello 7abebty i know enty methly t7eben bath so i saw a sign in avenues and marina mall that it will soon open there can u imagine my face !!! lol bs ay date eba6lon i dont know:)

Anonymous said...

The bath&body works is now located in avenues it opened in 6th november.