Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fashion Fights between Couples

I guess all of you girls heard about that , or been through that situation , the daily fashion arguments , some men will refuse pants , some will refuse high heels , others will let you were shorts but not a red lipstick , lots of rules set by them , the hunters :/ elee malhom shgel bl lebs wel fashion and their main rule in life since the stone age is to provide food and protection for their family .

Now a days , especially the last 10 years , men changed , and I am talking about Kuwait not nationally . Or Men alaah ykhaleehom start to intrude in our only pleasure , Fashion !! gamaw y3rfoon , halebs halaga , o hatha style or ma yloog , o halshay ra7t moothta , o ma y9er talbsen marc by marc Jacobs 7ag 3asha lazm talbsen marc Jacobs o before kan hamhom , la talbeen g9eer , la talbseen thayj o la t76een make up bas .

When I first get married , wayed estanst enah JJ y7b el shopping , el fashion wel lebs , yamkin 3ashan ohwa ma ylbs deshdasha so he needs lots of clothes .

Ba3ad fatra to be honest gemt athayag mn halshay , o most of our fights kanat t9eer 3laa el clothes kint a39eb o athyag , o maraa khatheet scissors :P o mabe akmel hno 9ar :P

Akher shay 3rft el sir , his taste classic , my taste trendy .

Ba3ad ma fahmt o fahmtaa elmawthoo3 a7es elwath3 9ar ok : P

Ohwa kan mstgreb enah leesh fe fatra ma albes elaa skinny pants , o ba3deen gemt albes wide legged or Hareem pants <-elee 9arat 3aleeh el hoosha . ma kan mstw3eb enah el fashion comes and goes .

Wel Men gamaw y3rfoon b kil shay ; ) yamkin tgoloon ohwa shako ?? hatha lebsich , bas for me ana a7eb enah ykon ma36ene rayah b lebse 7ta lo mo 3ajba bas enah ntklam bl lebs that’s us ;)

So elee khalane akteb hal post that after wearing pants for a long long time , I guess most of you noticed maxi skirts r back , so I was not sure if he is going to liked it or not : ) me 2 knt metradeda , especially that I am wearing Hijab , and there is a fine line between halaga and style for el mt7jbat . So I choose the 'Modern Boho-Chic look , wearing a maxi wide skirt  or dress , with (Flats) the most important part is the flat shoes , I feel that wearing it with high heels will take me in a time machine to the late 90s lama kena nelbs tights blouse with jeans skirt :P nro7 Breads in soog sharg :P . So back to the look , complete it with accessories . and you can add your touch and personality , moreover light natural make up is a must .

Please don’t get me wrong am not a stylist and I am not showing off enee a7san wa7da albes but as a mt7jba waayed at3ab to get the trendy look in a fashionable way ;) o lama y3jbne shay I like to share it

So I am trying that look for the first time to work today , hope it will work ;)

Hippie ChicNicole Richie weraing a long boho maxi dress

the shoes

Bohemian Gladiator FlatsBohemian Cowboy Boots

if you r not mt7jba wearing higheheels clogs ra7 ykon eyanin , for me as mt7jba i didnt like it :)

The Pictures are from :

more boho- chick styles :


SandyBelle_Q8 said...

Good luck with the new look, I totally understand the arguments about the outfits with hubby, My big arguments were about the (short flaw dresses) I match with skinny jeanz. but none of the pieces got killed :P . I don't think I'll go back to maxi skirts with flats unless I go back to very thin. X(

Ra-1 said...

"lama kena nelbs tights blouse with jeans skirt "
واي لا تذكرني كنت مجلبة بهالستايل

NewQ8 Bride said...

Ruby_GlooM :my problem with hubby is about the trends, yes he don`t like the skinny pants with short dresses but ytkalem as if he is a fashion designer ;) i like that in him and i don`t want him to change but we fight alot ;)

Ra-1 : waaay halstyale kan azmaa al7een magdar ashoof ay tanoora jeans