Monday, June 28, 2010

if you are in a good mood , don`t read >

I feel so down today

Can’t talk

Can’t sleep

Can’t think of u

I know that I am not perfect , but no one is perfect!!

I love myself, and keep in mind, u are the one who set new boundaries between us from time to time .

So, I don`t deserve all that and I know you will keep doing it because I didn’t stop you.

I will be there , but keep in mind you are losing my soul .


newly_wed said...

hi sweety, cheer up. lots of good things to happen ahead of u.

vyyvaa. said...

It sounds as if you are suffering from this terrible affliction called LOVE.

Well, if that's the case, there is only one remedy for it:

Go and tell him that you are in love with him and get it off your chest. You'll feel much better after that, beliebe me.

Good luck