Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shocked by The dancing boys Bacha Bazi

The thing that I am going to post about is going to shock most of u the way I got shocked last night .

I was in my place after hanging out with my kids (Mom & Dad ) yah they r my children now :) as long as I don't have any children to take care of , I will take care of them :)

Relaxing in my living room with my laptop youtubing , a video really got my attention , it called " The dancing boys of Afghanistan " , Afghan journalist returns to his native land to expose a cultural practice that has been brought back by powerful warlords, former military commanders and rich businessmen. Known as "bacha bazi" (literal translation: "boy play" or boy without beard)

This illegal practice is to take street orphans and poor boys, some as young as 11, whose parents are paid to give over their sons to their new "owners or masters ." The men dress the boys in women's clothes and make up them and train them to sing and dance for the entertainment of themselves and their friends in huge gathering and sometimes in weddings 2 . According to experts, the dancing boys are used sexually by these powerful men.:(

God that`s sad , in YouTube there r lots of related videos of that kind of parties or mazars as they called that places ,showing how entertained r those monsters , I felt sorry for those boys , all of them so weak to rebel against their masters , cus if they do they will be murdered . you can watch the movie here :
that was disgusting , and I couldn't stop thinking about that subject .

What I want to say , that God is giving us some blessing that we take by default , such as Security and peace of mind . we keep complaining about the situation of Kuwait , we have negative thoughts about our future here , people are thinking only about themselves , MPs shputing , screaming and acting like kids , welkil mo 3ajbah el7al !!

Thank God for everything we have , Alf el7amdelaah 3la ne3mat el amn wel aman .

Those boys could be anyone of us , could be our children and brothers . bas el7mdealah e7na 3aysheen ba7san 7al . From now on , my prospective to my life is going to change .


Anonymous said...

this is life sometimes its hard to believe these awful things but what can we do !! awful and harmful people are all around and sometimes power can be misabused !! al7mdellah ya rab 3ala kil 7al o allah e7afeth il kuwait ,, 3ala fekra ehma 3a6o fekra waaaaayd gala6 3an il islam its a sin shlon boys are treated like girls and dance ,,, etc poor children i couldnt stop crying!

Anonymous said...

staghfarlah ee wala il 7amdila 3ala kil 7al...i first saw that in a movie called 'kite runner' its based in Afghanistan oo iwaroonich shloon ya5thoon li9bay maskeen o yilabsoon nafnoof oo yargi9 o be3dain they rape him wa3alaya 3awar galbi oo lawi3aw chabdii allah ylawi3 chboodhum bas shinsawii hathii il dinya...7isbey alah wana3ma ilwakeel 3alaihum inshalla.

Danderma said...

girl bema inich min zman mekhtafya i decided u should do something fun... lets say a tag maybe?!

You have been tagged..

NewQ8 Bride said...

Anon : ee walah yaksroon elkha6r :( el7amdelaah 3laa kil 7al

Anon 2 : eee sem£t 3ana o shft part mn elmovie bas makamlta :( i guess i will read the book :)

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much this video moved me, I have never heard of such a tradition. It is so sad, and for the first time the victims are boys and not little girls!
I swear the men who are hosting these events are monsters, elee y7ur ina they have little boys of their own!! I wonder how would they feel if some old man slept with their son right after having him dance and making a fool out of them.
Galbee 3awarnee lama that poor kid realized what he got himself into, the camera zoomed in and he swallowed in fear right before he ran away :(
Nice post, thanks for sharing...people really should know about these things, there are no borders to child trafficking and human injustice.

ArabRambler said...

Awwal shai tawni miktashfa ur blog and I really like it, keep up the good work! =D

i was devestated at the sight of those poor boys, it's child labor + child abuse...

What if I, or worse someone dear to me, was one of those boys! where is the world heading to! </3

Anonymous said...

Please visit this video and send email to youtube to take off bache bazi videos off. There are more than dozen vids on youtube showing bache bazi vid :(

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well, first of all thank you very much for writing this. I am a muslim girl from Bangladesh. And today while googling, i somehow got led on to this issue 'bacha bazi'. I never knew such thing exists...
Then again it was only foolish of me, if i dared getting surprised being introduced to anything newly inhuman of a world where every once in a while only few years old infants get sexually abused, kids and women are being tortured and sold for money like mere goods.
Still this 'bacha bazi' is just something on a whole new level for me. May be because its a vicious adultery done by the ''muslims''? I wish to say so much things...but no matter how much horrid i say about this, it will always be less. The only thing i feel inside me right now is -disgust.