Sunday, April 11, 2010

Market Expo.Kuwait plz check

Hey Everybody , how r you all , I miss my blog a lot , I `ve been so busy with what ???? with My Black Berry , yaah I joint the group , the haaba and I discovered that there is no need for me to be so smart and disagree and not follow the hip cuz at the end I will ;)

OK back to my main topic , this weekend I visited the Market Expo at Movenpick Kuwait hotel at the free zone , walah it was a nice cosy exhibition or shall I call it Bazaar ?? cuz these events are not exhibitions in my opinion .

So here is my review and sorry the images r taken by my BB

Art brush studio

She is a young photographer , she did a great job bl ma3rth girls and gyes kanaw eyoon o y9awroon and Yes she is my sis ;)

here is her contact info

Through my eyes ( My brother ) he is also a photographer

u can check more of his work on

The Cookie Jar

Home Made coockies and cupcakes , and trust me mashalah shglhom shay khyaaaaal soooo
delicious and fresh

Loved the carrot cake

Live Love Chocolate

soooo yammy should give it a try

For girls who were Hijab should try the new scarves from


waayed 3ndhom laffat 7lwaa kha9aa the new style of lafaa with Kolfa on it

and there r more but sorry walah i feel so sleepy enshalah i ll post more

but before i leave i promised Maryooma to show her Pic in my blog


Unknown said...

hehe, ya 7ilo maryoma bas !
shakla 5osh ma3ra'6 ;)

Nikon 8 said...

تغطية حلوة
وشكرا على الروابط اللي حطيتيها
فعلا حلوين