Monday, March 08, 2010

TheOscr & my Avatar Party

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning kuwait :)

It is an early post for me : ) it`s 7 :30 and yes I am in the office . I have been so excited for the Oscars and soooooooooooooo mesht6a : ) and guys trust me don`t ever be over excited on something , no no no that`s not good : P

Any way I planned an Avatar theme party for me 6ab3an on the Oscar night , everything was ready , I dressed up o kil shay was perfect , watched the red carpet interviews and when the ceremony began at almost 5 a.m , after few minutes I slept : S

Kil halshe6a o I missed it , anyway I watched the rerun yesterday so no esht6aa6 again :P

So some pic from my preparations :

The blue Chips

blue chips  on Twitpic

my Avatar drink

check my avatar drink for my  Oscar `s party  on Twitpic

my dish 4 my avatar party :P Blue chips , toust o jebn cuz am... on Twitpic

my kharbee6 dish :P


SandyBelle_Q8 said...

Wow a blue chips! awal marra ashofhm :)how do they taste!!?? That is a nice blue theme night. or wannabe night :) but 5:00 am is hard to keep urself awake up until the next day. cuz the ceremony finished around 8:00 am :) ..

Sn3a said...

so you actually ate those chips?
lol kidding bel3afya

i didn't get it
whay are peaople so excited about avatar

note: i didn't watch it yet;p

aL-NooR . said...

i really like the theme

but am not a fan of avatar :P


لجين الكادي said...

wallah fanateq, blue ships men ween legeteeh looool

am a big fan of the oscars too. sheft el red carpet keelah oo nemt 3an el 7afla, ba3deen ga3adt 6:30 after i charged shwayat battery oo sheft el main events :)