Monday, March 22, 2010

Mother`s day delay

we r playing this trick on mom :) no one called to wish her happy mother`s day ;) cuz enshaalah we r having a party on our gathering day on Thursday , i went out with her and she keept talking about eee ygoloon enah ma yjooz elwa7ed y3ayed b 3eed el om o madree shnoo :P nagzaaaaaaa , 7adee kan fenee tha7kaa but mabee akhreb :P

any way happy mother`s day :)

i am so in love with this song :)


Average.Q8i said...

LOOOOOOOL .. ;p .. Maskeeenaa ..

Yalla Have Fun with the Partyy on thursday .. ;p ..

Modish said...

hahah inshalah tathbi6 :p 7ram a7is kan widha :p bs she'll have fun inshallaj