Tuesday, March 02, 2010

7abebte dayman :) ShoSho

I cant live without friends , that is a fact , I have lots of friends some of them 6l3aw mn 7yate o halshay 7adaa shay y7r , but I have to start new method to deal with them , elee thay don`t care about me I should not care about them , I don`t mean enah lazem u call your friends everyday , chat for hours , or hangout 3 times a week , one sms every 2 months is enough tra , an sms or a call on 3eed or a new year kafee , a DM on twitter or a comment on my blog ham kafe I don`t ask fro more . i thank God everyday that fee bnat in my life I love them so much yamkin we don`t meet waayed , we don`t talk 3la 6ool but I know that they r in my life .

Akeed eldnyaa tkhalee elwa7ed ylha but talking about myself , I got married , yes, but I didn't shut the door of friends , it always open for them to come and go . but as I said , will keep in touch with all of them but elee ra7 tkhlenee a7es ene am not welcomed I will leave . Yes I am so sensitive regarding the friendship issue I know but that is me . I didn`t change , my life changes but I didn’t , and y7z bkha6ree lama wa7da ttgyar 3laay .

I was down , maybe u noticed in my previous post , but who can be sad if a girl like my lovely friend Shoho exist in life !?!?!? mashalah how positive is that girl I wish her all the best in her life , she is unique and she seeks happiness she one of a kind , kil shay even if it is so tiny is a big deal for her and makes her happy mashalha tyanin ;)

احمد ربي على وجودها بحياتي

Mashalah my colloquies bl dawaam each one of them is a part that completes the puzzle of my life to give the perfect image that I am looking for

Back to shosho : ) today she gives us gifts , simple but it worth's a million , she create joy into my day

she gave us this gift bag of foot scrup and foot lotion (it`s summer we need that so bad )

she attached this msj on it :) so sweet

even that the stuff are from jam3ya but waayed waayed estanst waaaaaaaayed

love u Shosho :*


Ra-1 said...

واي تينن ماشالله
ماعرفها بس حبيتها :)

وشي حلو إنج ما تغيرتي على صديقاتج بعد الزواج
لأن أغغلبهم مع الأسف يتغيرون !

AMA Traveler said...

You guys made me what I am
you guys made me shine
you the new pride gave me alot, confident and hope to everything in my life
without u...I'm not ur shosho
Love u o 3sa allah la eghayr 3leena :*