Tuesday, March 30, 2010

101 things to do b4 u r five :)

An amazing book that must be owned by all parents , although it`s called 101 things to do b4 u r five , this book actually is for the parents , to let them know their child behavior starting from 0 till 5 years old . the book is divided into 5 sections , starting from the age 0-1 , 1-2 etc , each section is full of hilarious bizarre actions that parents should expect from little ones.

It`s so funny and amazing , I will copy some part from the book :
“25:flush something valuable down the toilet”
“42: Get something stuck up your nose “ <-- I did that :P And more stuff , waayed 7lwaa o twanes , even if u r not a parent u must read it , it will remind u of all the crazy stuff we did when we were young


Anonymous said...

Allah yrzgih enshalla etheriya e9al7a

لجين الكادي said...

sooo cute , the title it self is funny, where can we find it:)

Au natural said...

veeerry cuuutee!! i love books like this

Anonymous said...

where can I find this book?