Monday, February 08, 2010

Breakfast @ Almbarkeya :)

So its the first day of my short vacation , and I had I amazing new experience on it , My friend Soaad told about having a breakfast in a place that will never comes to my mind . we couldn’t do it with the girls so I told JJ about it . : Sooq Almabrekya :) . because I am so Mehst6a I woke up at 5 am , I will never do it if am going to work

and we went out almost at 7 .

the place Dalag Seheel"" was quite , calm . cuz we were early and the weather was freezing : ) "

I ordered fried egg , jj ordered egg with tomato , Hommes bl Lahma , and 7amsaa Tikka

jj `s order

my order

yammy the hot bread

Chai 7aleeb

I was hungry so kleeet waayed , I didn’t like the hommes , loved the 7amsa but matroosa spices and the 7leeeb chaay waaay eyanin

For me I loved it , jj ygool 3adee ryoog ma63am hindi < -- ok 3mree ma kleet ma6a3m hindi . Girls , the place eyanin 7ag 6al3t bnat as a change . so give it a try


Average.Q8i said...

Bel 3afyaaaaaaa .. Ya Zeen Hal Ryoug el A9lee .. ;p ..

B & D said...

me heart breakfast they best meal of the day...your breakfast looks so delicious!! where is it excatly??

360dewan said...

Nice morning activity, I thought to go their for breakfast many times but a friend told "Mubarkeya guy" to be careful of food poisoning ... sorry to say.

I like those personal trays, just like good old days of schools.

Enjoy :)

Unknown said...

I went there last saturday with the hubby soooooo much funnnn!
Lazem tjarbeen elf6eer mshaltet eli eb dalag s.hail 7ada 3ajeeeb !
6alabta m3a jeben kraft and honey on the side YUMMY!

الـسـنـبـلـة said...

عليكم بالعافية

إن شالله ألقى وحده تحب هالسوالف عشان اروح معاها :)

Ra-1 said...

حده عجيب أروح له حق عشى بس ولا مرة ترقيت فيه
شوقتيني وناسة :)

Miemie said...

yummieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i never tired eating in Mbarkiya but i would love to! 3alikm bel 3afya :*

mimi said...

well i went to ma63am hindi ib 7awally with my hubby,,el akl to7faaa bas its all men and i was the only girl,,we went at 5am i loved it,,i have to try elmbarkeya one day :)
loved the post

NewQ8 Bride said...

Average q8i : alaah y3afeek ee walah khoosh ryoog

b&d : yaaah it`s a new kind breakfast for me , it`sd in Sooq Almbarekya :) dalag seheel :)

360dewan :loool shway i had a stomch ache heheh bas 3adeee :) i should try everything , life is too short :)

zaboo6a : enshalah i will try it :)

Bo6abesh said...

bayth el 3yoon shaklaa 7adda qawey :P

im in love with dalag s'haail...i didnt thought that girls loves those stuff but i get shocked after my wife confession and reading ur post ;)